Explicit Lyrics in an Explicit Culture

explicit lyricsExplicit lyrics rule the charts. I know I’m probably saying something you either don’t care about or you don’t agree with, but I can’t help but notice that most of the top-selling songs on iTunes have little red “E’s” with ’em, indicating explicit lyrics. So what, you say? Well, the youth of America–and the world–are growing up with mostly explicit lyrics in our way-too-explicit culture. Look at some of the titles: “I Don’t F** With You,” “That’s My S**t,” and “Hot Ni**a.”

Explicit lyrics dominate pop music.

I bring this up because I recently sang for Korean and WWII war veterans and we talked about the classic songs of yesteryear– the ones they grew up with. Those were songs about tender love, courtship, and kindness. One man asked me and the group of vets, “What are kids these days going to be singing when they’re old like us? Rap?” He has a point. For every “All of Me” by John Legend, which could easily be played at weddings for years to come, there are 100 explicit songs that cater to the lowest of the low… rather than making music that lifts people up, we’ve got lots of low down dirty sex anthems meant to tell young people that they should just get what they want– some quick pleasure– without love or commitment. It’s sad, really. The coarsening of culture has resulted in little kids telling their teachers to “f-off!” Is this what you want for society?

I’m probably falling on deaf ears. Sales charts tell us what sells and by the looks of it, you’d be lucky to have a hit/get attention/get money without using explicit language in music these days. This bothers me– that, as a culture, people have either thrown their hands up in the air and said, “We can’t stop it so we’ll just live with it” or “I LOVE this music/artist.”

Next time a 10-year-old swears at you, telling you to get “the f**k outta my way motherf**cker,” they’re learning that somewhere– and it’s not hard to discover where– just look at the big hits with their explicit lyrics on the music charts. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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