Even Fish Love Beer

Gary Clark has a Country song that will put a smile on your face: “Even Fish Love Beer (A Fish Tail)” Available on iTunes, Amazon and other sites, “Even Fish Love Beer” brings something back to Country music that’s sorely missing these days: a sense of old-school humor with the song lyrics.

Even Fish Love Beer

Even Fish Love Beer

When he’s not at his day job as a commercial banker, Clark writes songs, plays guitar and sings– and does all of these things well. It’s refreshing to hear a song like “Even Fish Love Beer” compared to what’s passing for “Country” music these days on the radio.

Have you heard of the term “Bro-Country?” The style’s made by and for tatted, gym-toned, young white party dudes. For a couple of years now, Bro-Country has taken over the charts with songs that seem to concentrate on trucks, country roads, and objectified women (aka girls wearing tight jeans) as the main lyrical themes. One thing Gary Clark’s “Even Fish Love Beer” song has in common with Bro-Country is that both celebrate beer… proving alcohol is, was, and always will be a Country music staple.

My friend Grady posted about the Bro-Country phenomenon on YouTube and his video has since received more than 4 millions views! Check it:

When songwriters all start to sound the same, using the same themes, it gets boring. This has happened in Christian music, pop music, and, yes, even Country music. That said, there are usually independent artists on the fringes who are willing to do stuff differently in order to stretch people’s imaginations when they hear interesting songs that aren’t just “by the numbers.”

I think Gary Clark’s unique new song, “Even Fish Love Beer,” will appeal to Country music fans who appreciate oldies but goodies like “There’s a Tear in My Beer” by Hank Williams, Sr., and “Too Drunk To Fish” by Ray Stevens.

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