Eldeem Acoustic Soul

EldeemEldeem is a thoughtful singer-songwriter from London, England, and you’ve got to hear his acoustic guitar song called “Coward’s Song.” It’s beautifully played and sung with passion.

I also like “Kisses and Curses,” where Eldeem sings about falling for someone he shouldn’t of, but can’t let that love go…something many people experience, right?

Eldeem is musically gifted in ways most of us wish we were.

For instance, not only does he play guitar, but he can also play piano, bass and drums. He’s also quite knowledgeable about music theory.

In his teens, Eldeem sang Gospel music. Since then, he has particularly enjoyed the creative process that goes with making different styles of music. His “acoustic soul” music of today is mainly his voice and his guitar, with a little bit of rock and jazz thrown in for good measure. He’s open to the idea of House music producers remixing his songs in the future, as well as exploring his own take on R&B.


Besides music, Eldeem is involved in his family’s non-profit organization. It’s called the Mangena Foundation and it’s focused on “empowering the next generations to create a better, brighter, safer and more loving world.” Some of the activities the Mangena Foundation supports include building schools and orphanages in third world countries and mentoring children in foster care and children’s homes in the UK as well as mentoring young offenders and those in the criminal justice system in the UK.

As a creative person, Eldeem enjoys writing a blog. He’s also working on a book. And if that’s not enough, the East London-born artist is excited to release an EP called I Am Free. If you like the sound and music of Seal, I think you’ll also appreciate his EP.

Find out more about this inspirational acoustic soul artist on Facebook here. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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