EARL: Existence After Real Love

Remember that TV show named My Name Is Earl? You don’t meet too many people with that name these days. That said, there’s a new music maker on the scene calling himself EARL, which stands for Existence After Real Love. For the record, he is actually Christopher Earl Mathewson, but it’s just easier to call him that one simple four letter name, right?


EARL taught himself how to write, produce, record and mix music. He generally makes dance music with a hip-hop feel to it. Perhaps what makes him unique– these days– is that he doesn’t use profanity in his songs. He doesn’t want to fit the stereotype that to be popular is to curse in music. Instead, he’s going for an edgy sound that still appeals to a mainstream audience. He cares about being “clean” for even the little ones’ ears.

EARL loves God.

He believes that when people experience God’s real and unconditional love for them they’ll find their purpose for being on this earth. It’s a message he doesn’t mind communicating to an audience because he thinks the world needs to hear that.

To get a taste of what he can do, listen to “Fire The Fuse.” The single is being pitched to nightclubs around the world. Fans are falling in love with the intense beat of “Fire The Fuse,” and even MTV has taken notice, calling him a new “Artist To Watch” this year.

Other songs to listen to include “Restless,” “Release The Hold,” and “Crushed Diamonds,” which are on the artist’s website. To find out more about EARL, including information about his EP and tour, please visit www.EARLofficial.com.

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