Alt-Rock from Desert Chariot

Desert Chariot

You never know where you’ll meet your bandmates. In the case of the alt-rock band Desert Chariot, two of the band members met in an unlikely place: a shoe store in downtown Denver.

A couple years ago, Ian McGonigal and Daniel Patchin both worked at the same shoe store. They got to talking and discovered they had a lot in common musically. Both were interested in rock music, playing guitar, and songwriting. Later on they formed a rock band with Lou Sanfacon on drums and Dave Bond on bass. Desert Chariot, the band, got its start in 2014, and made their debut at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver.

If you’d ask the band what they were about they’d probably say “redemption and perseverance.” Being a band that likes to regularly write songs, they enjoy the recording process. Listen to their latest song, “Don’t.”

Clocking in at just under three minutes, like good rock songs do, “Don’t” starts out with guitars grinding away. When the vocals come in, you’re transported to another time and place in your mind. Maybe it’s a British club in the 1990s, maybe it’s outerspace, or maybe it’s a smoky garage in the middle of America. Dave Bond’s bass-playing stands out on “Don’t” helping it move along while McGonigal and Patchin provide ample guitar riffs. There’s definitely a punk aesthetic to “Don’t,” with a little bit of “screamo” infused to give it extra passion.

Desert Chariot’s music is alt-rock, which is a genre of music that emerged from the independent, underground scene of the 1980s, becoming especially popular in the 1990s. It has its roots in punk rock of the 1970s, coupled with new wave in the 1980s.

If “Don’t” is any indication of what’s to come from Desert Chariot, alt-rock fans will want to put this band on their radar screen and keep tabs on them. “Like” the band’s Facebook page here.

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