Davide Pannozzo, Clapton’s heir?

One listen to Davide Pannozzo’s song, “You Got Me Floating,” and I am convinced he’s Eric Clapton’s heir. He has the voice and the musical chops to not only live up to the standard Clapton has set in blues-rock music, but also the youth to keep that style popular among younger guys and gals.

Davide Pannozzo

With a name like Davide Pannozzo (instead of, say, Dave Pann), if you were to guess he was foreign, you’d be right. Though he fits right in with the American blues scene, Pannozzo is from Italy, doing his thing over in Rome of all places!

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Clapton, Hendrix and Jeff Beck, you definitely need to give Davide Pannozzo a listen and see what you think.

Having studied Classical Guitar since the age of six, Pannozzo seems to have been making music all of his life. He eventually graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome and played a number of clubs and festivals around Italy.

Just so you know, he hasn’t been confined to performing just in Rome. Pannozzo is a bit of an international touring musician, giving scorching performances in NYC, Los Angeles, and Memphis, as well as London, Frankfurt, Bucharest, and Paris.

Davide Pannozzo
Pannozzo’s albums include Born Electric and A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix. Find out more about him and his music at his website. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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