Dave Rudolf offers clever folk and country songs

Dave Rudolf just sent me his 31st and 32nd albums. He calls All Folked Up Volume 3 a “sort of loving mockumentary ala Mighty Wind or Spinal Tap.” The other one, Let It Roll, is “a singer/songwriter album of mine that covers a wide variety of genres.”

Dave Rudolf

Let It Roll starts off with the title track, and it sounds like Americana-Country-Blues, complete with Rudolf’s deep voice reminding me of Elvis Costello, Steve Tyrell, Bob Dylan and Randy Newman. Later on, among the 15 tracks, there’s a cover of the jazzy song “Glory of Love.” My favorite track, though, has got to be “You’re Getting Old,” a Country song that has lyrics that’ll make you laugh: “You can grow hair on your rear, in your nose and in your ears, but on your head it disappears; let’s face it, you’re old.” I just might ask him for the chords to “You’re Getting Old” so I can sing it at Buffalo-area Senior homes where I entertain old folks since I think they will LOVE this song.

All Folked Up Volume 3 is all over the place musically.

Often comedic with his lyrics, I especially like Rudolf’s “Protesting Protesters” song. He also surprises me with songs like “Mangled Tango,” a silly-lyric tango that showcases Rudolf’s ability to sing any kind of song.

Proving he’s adept, Rudolf even manages to sound like a pirate on the sea shanty “Mutiny on the Bounty,” which reminded me of the kind of song I heard at the Tall Ships festival this past summer in Erie, PA.

If you want to dance, the cajun tune “Bordeaux’s Hot Sauce” will get your feet movin’. Fans of Jimmy Buffett will appreciate Rudolf’s Calypso song “Coconut Head.” The song’s about men and women– with the woman calling the man a “Coconut Head.”

Finally, I want you to hear “Wurst is the Best.” He does a German polka song that is so cleverly written you’ll want to press repeat, even if you’re not into polka.

All together, All Folked Up Volume 3 will put a smile on your face; Rudolf excels at singing and writing a wide variety of crowd-pleasers in multiple genres.

Find out more about Dave Rudolf at his website here.

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