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1980sClassic 1980s songs being discussed by the artists who performed them and made them hits? Where? On YouTube, thanks to Boom 97.3 Toronto. With the “Behind the Vinyl” series, now’s your chance to hear from 1980s artists like Spandau Ballet, Howard Jones and Taylor Dayne, as they talk about their huge hit songs– while the record plays!

Here’s Spandau Ballet talking about “True.” It was quite a departure for the band, more known for its synth rock sound than a soulful ballad like “True.” Still, can you name any other songs from Spandau Ballet? “True” remains their worldwide classic 1980s song!

Howard Jones had a big hit with “No One Is To Blame.” He recorded it with help from Phil Collins. As a classic 1980s song, “No One Is To Blame” was almost not a radio single, but Howard Jones fought for its release and he was right: people loved it.

Leslie Wunderman, aka Taylor Dayne, was working in a Russian nightclub in Brighton Beach (NYC area) when she and her friend Ric Wake looked for the kind of song that could do well on the “mix shows at night.” They found “Tell It To My Heart,” and Taylor Dayne made it a classic 1980s song…

Who else misses the 1980s?

Run-D.M.C. took a breakbeat and made it the first true rap-rock song; you know it… “Walk This Way,” a classic 1980s song that combined Run-D.M.C. with Aerosmith, making musical history.

Dee Snider talks about the classic 1980s song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” I love this song. It became a worldwide pop anthem even though it was a hard rock song. Remember the memorable music video of men dressed up like…well…twisted sisters? By the way, Dee Snider mentions it’s the same sound as “O Come All Ye Faithful!” True!

What great songs back then; those were the days!

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