Cheerleading Music

Cheerleading music is very important to cheerleaders as well as spectators. Imagine how boring games would be without cheerleading music.

In New York, where the Mark Weber Music Blog is based, competitive cheerleading will be an official winter season school sport, after a unanimous vote Tuesday by the New York Board of Regents. It’s more than a matter of pride. Participants will benefit from clear safety regulations, and more opportunities as scholar-athletes. In other words, cheerleading is being formally recognized in New York State as a legit sport. And that makes sense to me– it involves a lot of physical activity, as well as strength and athleticism. Today’s cheerleaders work it out and then some!

Where to find cheerleading music

Did you ever wonder where cheerleader groups get their music? I just got an email from Carmine Silano of Turns out that site is the ideal place to get high-energy music custom-made for cheerleaders. An example I got to hear was a brilliant mix of dance/rap/pop.

cheerleading music

Silano had this to say about
“We create music for cheerleaders. Cheerleading is a very competitive sport, and they require this different style of music that is kind of aggressive, filled with voice overs and raps, and has pop music splattered about. Cheerleading music is a very unique style of remixing, which contains a mixture of original production, soundalike production (covers), voice over work and lots of effects. It’s also super-over-compressed and assaults the ears.”

The average person doesn’t think about where the music comes from when they’re watching cheerleaders cheer at sporting events. But you–Mark Weber Music Blog readers–are not average. And now you know cheerleading music comes from Definitely visit the site to find out more about this unique style of music! Without it sporting events would be quiet and bland.

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