Catherine Duc remixes Drive by Paloma Rush

Do you like the music of Paloma Rush? Now you can hear her song “Drive” in a new way… a remix… but first let me tell you about the remixer…

Catherine Duc is a composer of Ambient music with Celtic, World and Electronica influences. She also produces remixes for other artists in the electronic/EDM style and has remixed a song for The Corrs.

Recently, Catherine Duc did the Rush Hour Remix of the song “Drive” by Paloma Rush.  FYI: Paloma has toured as the DJ for Natalia Kills (Interscope), and her songs have been featured on MTV’s “Real World,” “Bones,” E!’s “Keeping up With The Kardashians,” “Jane the Virgin,” “Bad Girls Club,” and “So Cosmo.”

Find the links to Catherine Duc’s Rush Hour Remix of “Drive” via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify at this page on her website.

Mark Weber

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