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Debe Gunn masters Mexican mariachi music

As a songwriter, musician and producer, Deb√© Gunn did something unusual. Sure, she could have stuck with jazz, pop, R&B, rock, country and Broadway tunes, but she delved into something different: mariachi music. It’s the music of western Mexico and it goes back centuries. The combination of trumpets, violin and guitars help make it a […]

Folk music from James Robert Kibby

Folk singer James Robert Kibby has many influences you might be familiar with, such as Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, The Avett Brothers, Gillian Welch, Rich Mullins and James Taylor. He follows in the troubadour tradition with his own music. Generally, you’ll find Jim, as he’s known to his friends, playing music in the band Immanuel, […]

Marc Scibilia Evolves

Marc Scibilia Evolves

Marc Scibilia is one of the most talented singer-songwriters I know. He had his song, “How Bad We Need Each Other” featured on the Fox show¬†Bones. His voice was in a Superbowl commercial for Jeep singing “This Land Is Your Land.” He has been on The Today Show. Marc Scibilia is an interesting character. He’ll […]