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Steve Byers is a modern Rockabilly artist who writes and performs his own music. Influenced by Elvis Presley, The Stray Cats, Little Richard, Brian Setzer, and Carl Perkins, his instrumentals (and some of his vocals) are heard on TV shows and in films. For example, Steve’s music has been heard on NBC’s “The Voice,” the […]

Save Your Life song from The Fuze

The Fuze is someone you should know, especially for his song “Save Your Life.” It all started with three chords. The Fuze’s dad showed him three chords as a kid, and together they wrote a song. The Fuze was eight-years-old. Fast forward to adulthood: The Fuze has played many pubs and clubs around London. He’s […]

See a video for the Wounded Warriors song

Have you seen the music video for the Wounded Warriors song “Miss You” from Breakerbox? I first heard the song a couple months ago. I had downloaded it months before the music video. I was driving along a deserted road in Idaho this past summer when “Miss You” came on the car radio speakers via my […]