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L’AFFICHEUR debuts ++solo++ album

L’AFFICHEUR is a band project from Switzerland with a new album out called ++solo++. It’s straight ahead rock with intense drumming, crashing cymbals, lots of cool guitar work and driving beats. L’AFFICHEUR is French for “bill poster.” 


The brainchild of L’AFFICHEUR is composer Ronny Egger. His process is this: come up with ideas for songs and then find helpers to craft them into full-fledged recordings to be heard the world over. As a bass player, he first sketches a blueprint of his tracks, figuring out how he’d like them to sound. Then he connects with other musicians who can contribute to the final recording of these songs. In 2013, for instance, he met drummer and fellow producer Mike Olschewsky (of Mike Sky Productions), who came aboard to help craft ++solo++ into the project it has since become. Two other musicians contributed to the project: Jonny Velasco on electric guitar and Pavel Sotkovsky on both the electric guitar and cello.
SoloEgger’s influences range from Björk to Beck, and you can hear it in his experimental sounds. Furthermore, he counts Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden among his favorite bands.

Solo bass

In the spirit of most rockers, when asked his favorite drinks, he replied, “beer and contraband liquors.”

Having owned an electric bass since the age of 17, Egger currently works with the software Ableton Live to create his sonic masterpieces. Olschewsky has a flair for mixing and mastering the songs. Together, along with fellow musicians, L’AFFICHEUR has taken shape. ++solo++, which includes nine tracks all together, is available on iTunes, Spotify, or the igroove store. To hear the music, visit the L’AFFICHEUR websiteYou can also enjoy the vivid video on YouTube featuring the band’s music; it has cool visuals of all sorts of things, from cassettes to red lips and then some…

Lookingdoor is Barnabas Nagy and Daniel Nagy

LOOKINGDOOR is a rock duo of singer-songwriter/guitarist Barnabas Nagy and drummer Daniel Nagy. They started to make music together in 2005 and decided to form a band.

And yes, they are brothers.


An Internet search for Barnabas Nagy turns up his website. On there  you can get to know more about his views on faith and life. Interestingly, he writes on topics including marriage and sexuality, as well as evidence that the earth is flat. While you may or may not agree with his writings, one thing’s for sure: he’s a thinker and he wants to get you thinking about things, too. In an era when most songwriters write nonsense, he goes deeper…

If you noticed an accent after listening to the music on Soundcloud, it’s because the brothers are from Hungary in Eastern Europe.

“When I’m not writing, I fish the rivers, play the guitar or work in my homestead,” says Barnabas.

The brothers studied at a local music school as youngsters, covering a variety of musical instruments including piano, drums, saxophone and even the clarinet. Eventually, they both dropped out of the music school, but continued to experiment as music makers. For instance, Barnabas picked up his mother’s classical guitar and used it to play covers of rock songs. Later on, he decided to write his own songs, which helped get LOOKINGDOOR off the ground.

Today, besides making music, both Nagy brothers still have “day jobs.” Music full time though? That’d be good.

The duo best describe their music as “melodic rock from our hearts about the world we live in and the faith we overcome it by.”

Discover more about LOOKINGDOOR at their website here.

Alt-Rock from Desert Chariot

Desert Chariot

You never know where you’ll meet your bandmates. In the case of the alt-rock band Desert Chariot, two of the band members met in an unlikely place: a shoe store in downtown Denver.

A couple years ago, Ian McGonigal and Daniel Patchin both worked at the same shoe store. They got to talking and discovered they had a lot in common musically. Both were interested in rock music, playing guitar, and songwriting. Later on they formed a rock band with Lou Sanfacon on drums and Dave Bond on bass. Desert Chariot, the band, got its start in 2014, and made their debut at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver.

If you’d ask the band what they were about they’d probably say “redemption and perseverance.” Being a band that likes to regularly write songs, they enjoy the recording process. Listen to their latest song, “Don’t.”

Clocking in at just under three minutes, like good rock songs do, “Don’t” starts out with guitars grinding away. When the vocals come in, you’re transported to another time and place in your mind. Maybe it’s a British club in the 1990s, maybe it’s outerspace, or maybe it’s a smoky garage in the middle of America. Dave Bond’s bass-playing stands out on “Don’t” helping it move along while McGonigal and Patchin provide ample guitar riffs. There’s definitely a punk aesthetic to “Don’t,” with a little bit of “screamo” infused to give it extra passion.

Desert Chariot’s music is alt-rock, which is a genre of music that emerged from the independent, underground scene of the 1980s, becoming especially popular in the 1990s. It has its roots in punk rock of the 1970s, coupled with new wave in the 1980s.

If “Don’t” is any indication of what’s to come from Desert Chariot, alt-rock fans will want to put this band on their radar screen and keep tabs on them. “Like” the band’s Facebook page here.

Davide Pannozzo, Clapton’s heir?

One listen to Davide Pannozzo’s song, “You Got Me Floating,” and I am convinced he’s Eric Clapton’s heir. He has the voice and the musical chops to not only live up to the standard Clapton has set in blues-rock music, but also the youth to keep that style popular among younger guys and gals.

Davide Pannozzo

With a name like Davide Pannozzo (instead of, say, Dave Pann), if you were to guess he was foreign, you’d be right. Though he fits right in with the American blues scene, Pannozzo is from Italy, doing his thing over in Rome of all places!

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Clapton, Hendrix and Jeff Beck, you definitely need to give Davide Pannozzo a listen and see what you think.

Having studied Classical Guitar since the age of six, Pannozzo seems to have been making music all of his life. He eventually graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome and played a number of clubs and festivals around Italy.

Just so you know, he hasn’t been confined to performing just in Rome. Pannozzo is a bit of an international touring musician, giving scorching performances in NYC, Los Angeles, and Memphis, as well as London, Frankfurt, Bucharest, and Paris.

Davide Pannozzo
Pannozzo’s albums include Born Electric and A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix. Find out more about him and his music at his website. –Mark Weber Music Blog