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Get to know Nias and his song Without You

I really like listening to Nias’ song “Without You.” The lyrics speak to me. It’s about a man finding a love that nourishes him in all ways, including spiritually. He doesn’t want to be without this woman who has come into his life and made it better. This is the kind of song all boyfriends and husbands should play for their significant other.

So who is Nias?

He’s a Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter and music producer. He seeks to blend musical styles. According to Nias, “The world has become a smaller place where we’re all exposed to and impacted by an eclectic array of flavors. Musically blending these flavors into appealing new combinations is a goal of mine.” He believes that’s where popular music is headed, and I agree.

Take a listen to his song “Without You” via YouTube here:

Nias continues, “As a music lover, I’m saddened by the same 10 to 15 songs being rotated endlessly. I love diversity and I believe the market does too.”

NiasWith that in mind, what does Nias listen to? He’ll play a song from Morgan Heritage out of Jamaica, followed by Paper Aeroplanes out of Scotland. To keep it interesting, he’ll add Miguel, Diplo and Calvin Harris into his mix. He says, “If it’s good it doesn’t matter how it’s classified.”

Besides singing and songwriting, Nias has created a business under the banner of Nias Intellectual Properties. Think of it as a modern day record company focused on music licensing for films, television and advertising… Nias seeks to provide diverse music to the world with his unique brand and sound. Indeed, he hates being pigeonholed.

“If you hear another song of mine inevitably you’re going to hear me tackling another genre, or, at the very least, fusing it into what I already do,” he says.

BriaMarie gets groovy with Rather Be

If I can hum a song after I’ve heard it, then I consider it a memorable one. BriaMarie’s “Rather Be” is a hummable song. It’s got a slinky R&B/soul groove, and features the twentysomething singer keeping it smooth, cool and warm all at the same time. “Rather Be” is a song about the good feeling you get being right alongside your lover, no matter where you are together.

In 2017, BriaMarie is set to release her sophomore album, entitled 432.

To get a taste of her sound, enjoy the music video for “Rather Be” here:

BriaMarie is the first artist signed to Ethical Music Entertainment. Her nickname? “The Fresh Princess.”  Also, you should know she shared stages with Ledisi, Tweet and Raheem Devaughn.

What’s perhaps most refreshing about BriaMarie is that she’s hot without being seductive and overtly sexual in her music, like contemporaries Rihanna and Beyonce all too often are. Instead, BriaMarie is community-minded, participating in youth empowerment conferences and anti-bullying campaigns. She even devotes a section of her website to anti-bullying information. And, to top it off, BriaMarie serves the homeless at Chosen 300 Ministries in Philadelphia. Nice.


Growing up in Maryland in a somewhat sheltered environment, eventually she moved to Philly to go to Temple University. In Philly, her eyes opened up to the art, culture and city streets around her. She grew to love life in the city.

Meanwhile she tried to do everything to fit in only to discover she needed to learn to be fine with who she was. Over time, her confidence grew. As an empowered woman, she seeks to instill confidence in young people and that’s a very good thing.

Forget Me Not from Kim Meeks

Kim Meeks counts Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and the Bee Gees among her influences. Her biggest influence, though, is Hall & Oates. One of her goals in life is to perform on “Live from Daryl’s House,” which is a web series people watch online featuring the soulful vocal stylings of Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates.

Right now, Meeks calls Macon, Georgia home. It’s where her song, “Sleeping With The Past,” ended up on the Macon Music CD. She enjoys living there and says, “Macon definitely supports artists. The music scene in Macon is growing.”

Kim Meeks

Besides performing around Macon, Meeks has recently toured the South and the East, with Washington, D.C., being among the memorable stops along the way. On tour, Meeks usually plays piano while singing solo, though she sometimes has a band, like the time she performed at Blues Boulevard Jazz in Greenville, South Carolina.

While national recognition “would be awesome,” she’d mostly like to make a living playing music. If her songs were featured in TV shows and movies, that’d be a bonus.

With her new CD, Meeks titled it Forget Me Not. The title track on the CD speaks to betrayal. “The victim ultimately sees the villain for who he/she is,” she says. Her music, ultimately, has a deep sense of longing, which is “something I believe listeners can relate to.”

Kim Meeks doesn’t like to reveal too much about herself, preferring to let the music speak for her.

One listener told her that “Sleeping With The Past” helped get him through a difficult time and that really touched her.

“I want to move people with my music, and that’s what inspires me to continue on this journey,” she says.

“I’d love to connect with people all over the world. Please feel free to like my Facebook music page at Also the CD Forget Me Not can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.”

Sofasound remixes Justin Bieber

Sofasound (aka John Sofia) is an EDM/hip hop producer who has done something impressive: made quite the remix of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” It’s available for free as a download from Sofasound’s Soundcloud:

Sofasound is “undefined by genre,” though he tends to remix R&B and rap hits from his studio in Florida.


His credits include several artists, including Mistah F.A.B , Emoney, Obvi, Trizz, R-Mean, HBK CJ, Rey Res, and Young Gully. Obviously, not all of these artists are known by the mainstream, whereas Justin Bieber is. Perhaps that’s why Sofasound’s putting emphasis on the “Love Yourself” remix, in order to get the most people to hear a sample of what he does, and does well.

Sofasound has the ability to take a song you think you know well, and tweak it so it becomes something else while still maintaining its original essence. With 18 tracks available on his Soundcloud page, with more to come, Sofasound is a prolific producer with an emphasis on tones, beats and instrumentation. It’ll be interesting to hear Island Mind, Isolation, his EP coming soon.

Meanwhile, take some time to explore the songs on his Soundcloud, including “Us2,” which takes the classic “Just The Two of Us” and updates it for today’s audiences. It’s still a chill groove, but it’s more spacey and electronic with an emphasis on the drum riff. I definitely enjoyed it and would add it to my iPhone music mix on shuffle.

For fun, do give Sofasound’s Lay It Down~ (Steelix flip by Sofasound) a listen, which starts out as if it’s a warped wax record playing, followed by an almost video game-like roller coaster of sound.

Sofasound succeeds at taking music and putting his own stamp on it, so that your ears can’t help be drawn in for a groovy listen. Catch him on Facebook or Twitter.  –Mark Weber