work for free

Work For Free Musicians

Work for free? Musicians: don’t do it! I am an advocate for paying performers, musicians, singers, etc. for their time, talent and commitment to perform when the gig/venue is a for-profit, money-making entity. Providing live music is a valuable service. It deserves financial compensation when those around the musicians, from vendors to security, are getting paid/making money. Sadly, there are too many people today who just assume that they can…


Songs with Hey in them

Songs with hey in them are popular. When you want a hit song, use the word “HEY!” I am enjoying a 2011 song called “Little Talks” from the Icelandic band “Of Monsters and Men,” with its shout-it-out use of the word “HEY!” in it: This song got me thinking of another song that is called “Ho Hey,” a slower, folkish song that brings the hipster esthetic to middle America courtesy…

Yamaha P115

Is the Yamaha P115 worth your money?

Should you buy the Yamaha P115? Guest Post by Briana Renee As a musician, an instrument is a necessity. Thus, you have to invest in the best. The Yamaha P-series has some of the best quality digital pianos regarding construction and performance – including the latest model, Yamaha P115.   To find out if the P115 is worth your money, I will compare it to the other models, P105 and P255….

Marc Scibilia

Marc Scibilia Evolves

Marc Scibilia is one of the most talented singer-songwriters I know. He had his song, “How Bad We Need Each Other” featured on the Fox show Bones. His voice was in a Superbowl commercial for Jeep singing “This Land Is Your Land.” He has been on The Today Show. Marc Scibilia is an interesting character. He’ll tell people he’s originally from Buffalo or Niagara Falls, New York. Marc has a younger…