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Meet Mimi: rapper, singer and producer from Texas

As a rapper, singer and producer, Mimi, aka Mimxi Goff, is 21-years-old and passionate about music. Since the age of 18 or so, she got serious about making beats as well as freestyling over them.

MimiInfluenced by a variety of hip-hop artists, like Biggie, 2Pac, Nas, and Dr. Dre, Mimi also counts Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and even Frank Sinatra among her musical influences. She’s eclectic– and that’s a good thing.

At the age of 6, Mimi played the violin. Since then, she has been interested in music and art, and even took up playing the piano and drums to see what she was capable of…

Having lived in the Dallas, Texas, region all her life– calling Allen, Texas home– Mimi (born Mimoza Leshawn Goff) is currently working on her mix tape, entitled Ear Candy, right now. Though there isn’t a release date set just yet, know this: she sings and raps on all of her tracks.

Interestingly, Mimi tells the Mark Weber Music Blog that she’s “obsessed with the concept of human perception– for example individuality vs. society and objective reality vs. subjective perception.” That’s pretty heady stuff for a young mind and a young music maker to be thinking about, but that’s exactly why Mimi is someone to pay attention to, especially in an era when so much music is disposable with no real meaning.

Mimi reminds me of Oprah Winfrey, who said that the main thing she learned in all those years of doing her talk show was this: “You are responsible for you!” Indeed, Mimi takes that idea and runs with it, saying, “I want to be able to create music in a way that wakes people up and makes them more aware that anything is possible and the only person who has control over your life is you. I feel as though this definitely means that I will myself have to step out of my comfort zone but that’s okay because I welcome it all. I’ve learned in life the more you seek the uncomfortable the more comfortable you’ll be.” Very well said, wouldn’t you agree ? Pretty wise for someone who is only 21!

For now, keep track of Mimi’s music via her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and look forward to hearing Ear Candy when it’s released.

Bleeding Obvious offers best album of 2016

The Bleeding Obvious reminds me of a very creative person being unleashed on a computer complete with a multitude of instruments around her and a lifetime of interesting influences.

Indeed, The Bleeding Obvious is the musical project debut of music maker Jess Rowbottom from the UK.

A onetime Wakefield Cathedral chorister, Rowbottom decided to record the new album thanks to personal life changes in recent years.

While I’m not sure what her personal life changes were, suffice it to say she’s making diverse, dynamic, cutting-edge music that literally pops out of my speakers. It’s like she has been reborn and is sharing that with an audience, in my opinion.

So who were her musical influences? Swing Out Sister, Pet Shop Boys and Saint Etienne make the list of synthesizer pop faves. Add in classical and choral music. At one time she sang in Latin, accompanied by church organs. Mixing styles on her new album is a result of her musical upbringing.

Interestingly, Rowbottom didn’t grow up taking musical instrument lessons. But– and here’s where I’m amazed– she plays keyboards, organs, bass, guitars, as well as the accordion, ukulele, autoharp, omnichord, recorder, melodica and even modified children’s toys. A musician’s visit to her recording studio would be akin to a kid in candy store.

bleeding obvious

Listening to her debut album, I particularly liked the song “I, Human,” which reminded me of the group Chumbawamba. It effortlessly combines spoken word, pop and electro sounds in a cool way. There’s even a little kid saying, “Isn’t it bleeding obvious?” in the song.

The Bleeding Obvious represents a marriage of art and music put together by a musically interesting music maker consistently keeping the listener’s attention. If I had an award to give, it would go to this project for “best album of 2016.”

bleeding obvious

Keep up with the news on The Bleeding Obvious Facebook page or on Twitter.

Pekkanini Thereminland Band

Pekkanini and The Thereminland Band’s new album of 10 instrumentals? It’s Guitars and Theremins.  You need to get an idea of their sound, so check out “Action in The 60s.”

Pekkanini plays the theremin, an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact played by the thereminist (performer). The theremin got its name from Russian inventor Leon Theremin. He patented the device back in 1928. Since then, it has been used to help give songs, especially for TV and films, an “eerie” sound. The thereminist uses his hands to control oscillators for both frequency and volume. Electric signals from the instrument get amplified and sent to a loudspeaker.

A theremin
Here’s what a theremin looks like

Remember The Beach Boys’ huge hit single, “Good Vibrations?” You’ve heard a type of theremin (an Electro-Theremin) played in a pop song! Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones also incorporated the theremin sound into some of their songs too. While most people don’t know what a theremin is, they do know its sound. And Pekkanini?  One of the world’s most accomplished theremin players.

Pekkanini’s given name? Pekka Lunde.

As a performer/composer, the Swedish music maker has toured Scandinavia. He also made a number of albums, and composed music for more than 100 theatrical plays. Active in music since the 1970s, today he’s perhaps best known for having composed dozens of theremin compositions  made available on the Internet either for sale or for free download.

In recent years, Pekkanini collaborated with musicians from Sweden, France, Italy and the USA. A member of the American Recording Academy, the Grammy-nominated artist released several instrumental pop albums featuring the theremin during the past decade including 2012’s Theremins in the Jukebox and 2013’s Theremin Tunes Played in Odd Bars.

Pekkanini and The Thereminland Band just released Guitars and Theremins. Besides theremin, you’ll hear other instruments on the new songs, including keyboard, drums and bass. The Thereminland Band consists of accomplished Swedish musicians. Are you a fan of rock music? I think you’ll enjoy their distinct sound.

Finally, find out more at the Pekkanini website here


Moonlit Mirrors is electronically eclectic

Moonlit Mirrors is the musical work of a guy In New Hampshire. Some of the songs feature the amazing guitar skills of another guy from Florida. Interestingly, they’ve never met in person (according to their YouTube description) yet they’re able to work together thanks to Google Drive– ahh, the wonders of modern technology.

Moonlit Mirrors has a new album called Moonlit Mirrors presents Renee Fleming and the Modern Paranoia.

The first track I heard from this opus is “In Dreams,” and it’s both sublime and elegant. The way the strings combine with the piano on “In Dreams” is so relaxing that you’re liable to fall asleep while listening and have the most beautiful dreams of your own.

The next song I listened to couldn’t have been more different than “In Dreams.” It’s noisy, with a phone ringing, sirens blaring, and electronic production. Titled “Freakin Out” this one talks about walking down the hallway, doing laundry, getting nervous, and other things that’ll make you wonder aloud, “What is this guy all about?” If you like the musical artist Beck, I think you’ll like Moonlit Mirrors simply based on one listen to the rather odd-yet-alluring “Freakin Out.”

“I’m Not Giving Up I’m Just Leaving” includes astronaut talk on it with the phrase “I’m headed to the moon” repeated often.

Moonlit Mirrors

Every song on Moonlit Mirrors presents Renee Fleming and the Modern Paranoia is interesting to listen to. You’ll wonder what the guy from New Hampshire has come up with next. “Renee and the Forsaken Merman” pays tribute to Renee Fleming.

With Moonlit Mirrors, the fun thing is trying to figure out what the artist is trying to say with his otherworldly songs.