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Michael Stosic proclaims I Believe

Michael Stosic proclaims “I Believe” with his song– listen to it here:

I Believe

Words and Music by Michael Stosic © 2015

I believe in God
I believe He created the heavens and earth.
I believe He is Love.
I believe He knew me before my birth.
I believe we live in a world filled with darkness
I believe we can shine loves light.
This is what I believe.

I believe in His Son.
I believe that He came here to give me new life.
I believe in the cross.
I believe that He healed me by His stripes.
I believe I am saved because of forgiveness.
I believe there’s no greater love.
This is what I believe.

Do I walk in faith, do I walk in hope
Do I walk in love each stride.
Do I walk in mercy, do I walk in kindness
Do I walk by my brothers’ side.

I believe in love.
I believe that no matter our color of skin.
I believe we are one.
I believe that love and not hate will win.
I believe we should not repay evil for evil.
We will overcome evil with good.
This is what I believe.

I believe in love.
I believe in love.
I believe in love.
I believe in love.
This is what I believe.

Michael Stosic

Michael Stosic’s musical career began back in 1986 in the Gospel music world when he recorded his first Contemporary Christian album titled Brand New Love, which became an instant hit with listeners on the West Coast due to play from Spirit 105.3FM KCMS Radio. Soon after the release of his debut album, Stosic’s second album, Symphony of Praise, reached listeners all across America and 118 other countries including Communist China. The success and response to Michael Stosic’s songs in the Christian music world became evident to him after the release of his third studio album, Psalms of the Heart, in 1992, when he started receiving letters and phone calls from fans across America who gave him praise for his music.

Now, in November of 2016, Michael is promoting his new single entitled “I Believe” (Gospel Remix). Michael is joined by Grammy-Award nominated singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers on this powerful song with a stunning production by producer Pete Mignola of Metrosonic Studios in New York.

For more info about Michael Stosic, visit his website.

Christian Singer Julie Slih releases new EP “Whole Again”

Upon first hearing the singer Julie Slih, I noticed her vibrato. Her rich voice reminded me of Stephanie Mills.

Slih is a contemporary Christian singer from Atlanta, though she was actually born in Central Africa. It’s no wonder, then, that she sings (and posts on Facebook) in both English and French. Her new release, Whole Again, is in both languages.

Born Juliette D. Fomekong in Cameroon, Julie Slih started singing as a young child in school and church programs. Her father taught her to read and write music. Eventually, she dedicated her life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and became active in God’s work and missions.

“For so long, I lived an aimless life, wandering here and there, but never settling anywhere, looking for a true friend/ happiness, and still could not find it,” she writes on her facebook page. “But one day, I came across someone who turned my life around and made all things new. He gave me a new name, a new life… He made something beautiful of me. His name is Jesus.”

Julie Slih

Despite her young age, Julie Slih has lived “a lot of life” and these experiences have come to enhance her perspective and create her heartfelt and uplifting worship music.

When she’s not singing, some of her other passions include learning different languages, fashion styling, cooking, fitness/health and spending time with her hubby and their three beautiful kids.

Like most artists today, rather than releasing a full-length album she’s releasing an EP. It’s entitled Whole Again and consists of five tracks: “He Loves You Anyway,” “Devant Le Trone,” “Whole Again,” “Toi Seul Es Mon Roi,” and “Love That Heals.” I especially like hearing her sing in French, since that’s not something I hear everyday.

Ultimately, Julie Slih makes music to encourage and inspire people to go deeper with Jesus Christ.

Caleb Collins Christmas

Trust me on this one: Caleb Collins Christmas album is the kind you will want to play on repeat not just this Christmas, but many to follow. Much like Harry Connick, Jr., Amy Grant, and Michael Buble, Caleb Collins Christmas music fits the season perfectly for as wide an audience as possible. In other words, kids, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and even hipsters will enjoy listening to this collection of songs.

Caleb Collins
Photo by Sam Ortiz

Caleb’s love for music began in the church he attended with his parents and two brothers in Southern Idaho. Starting piano lessons at 5 years old, he began playing piano in church when he was 12 years old.

In high school, Caleb co-wrote a full-length musical containing 24 original songs, with writing partner and next door neighbor, Alison Holman. Together, they have staged and workshopped the musical with a cast of 15 actors, performing in Idaho, Utah, and New York City. Indeed, his move to NYC has been good for him.

Caleb Collins Christmas could best be described as jazz informed by a New York sensibility. It’s a mix of originals and familiar favorites, sung in a warm tone that invites the listeners in. Furthermore, Collins truly enjoys Christmas– he even keeps a Christmas tree up all year round. So when he sings his Christmas songs, he means the words, and that’s important with this sort of music.

Caleb Collins

Caleb Collins has the kind of voice made for singing Christmas music.

Imagine combining the aforementioned Harry Connick, Jr., Amy Grant and Michael Buble together, and you get Caleb Collins Christmas. The singer, a Juilliard School student who has sung with the world famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, has been mentored by Morris Chapman, whom he joins on a soulful update of Chapman’s 1985 song, “Bethlehem Morning.”

Order the album on Amazon at and/or visit for more news.


1. Let It Snow
2. Joy To The World
3. O Come O Come Emmanuel
4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
6. Bethlehem Morning ft. Morris Chapman
7. The Story of Us
8. What Child Is This?
9.  I Heard The Bells ft. Rachel Williams
10. Sweet Time of the Year
11. O Holy Night
12. The First Noel
13. Silent Night