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Neonomora is the Sade of the new century

Not since Sade has there been a female singer of stunning beauty and musical talent that deserved to be a household name in America despite being from somewhere far, far away from the trendsetting cities of New York and Los Angeles. But Neonomora is the obvious “Sade” of the new century. Like Sade, who hails from Africa, Neonomora looks like a model. She also sings with passion and a romantic allure on songs like her new one, “Be Still, My Soul.” It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with her.

Neonomora is world class

Neonomora is an Indonesian singer who has also called China and Australia home. She’s literally a woman of the world. Born in 1988, it wasn’t until her brother and some others helped her produce an album that she became well-known in Indonesia. In late 2013, her debut EP peaked at number one on Mustang 88 FM in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Neonomora has since received praise across the media, especially from BuzzFeed, where she landed on the list of “10 Incredible Indonesian Bands You Should Listen To.”

Influenced by Mariah Carey, Bjork, Whitney Houston, and Roberta Flack, Neonomora has had a passion for singing since an early age. She began writing poetry around age 5 and has also enjoyed drawing– the arts are in her blood.

Fast forward to now: her new song, “Be Still, My Soul,” is mesmerizing and captivating– the kind of song that catches the attention of music lovers worldwide. Since it’s sung in English and has a Sade/Enya feel, there’s a good chance it could be the song to help introduce her to American audiences.

If you use Spotify, you can hear “Be Still, My Soul” here. You’re also welcome to check out Neonomora’s website. Look for her forthcoming album. It’s entitled Waters. Like her on Facebook for updates.

Forget Me Not from Kim Meeks

Kim Meeks counts Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and the Bee Gees among her influences. Her biggest influence, though, is Hall & Oates. One of her goals in life is to perform on “Live from Daryl’s House,” which is a web series people watch online featuring the soulful vocal stylings of Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates.

Right now, Meeks calls Macon, Georgia home. It’s where her song, “Sleeping With The Past,” ended up on the Macon Music CD. She enjoys living there and says, “Macon definitely supports artists. The music scene in Macon is growing.”

Kim Meeks

Besides performing around Macon, Meeks has recently toured the South and the East, with Washington, D.C., being among the memorable stops along the way. On tour, Meeks usually plays piano while singing solo, though she sometimes has a band, like the time she performed at Blues Boulevard Jazz in Greenville, South Carolina.

While national recognition “would be awesome,” she’d mostly like to make a living playing music. If her songs were featured in TV shows and movies, that’d be a bonus.

With her new CD, Meeks titled it Forget Me Not. The title track on the CD speaks to betrayal. “The victim ultimately sees the villain for who he/she is,” she says. Her music, ultimately, has a deep sense of longing, which is “something I believe listeners can relate to.”

Kim Meeks doesn’t like to reveal too much about herself, preferring to let the music speak for her.

One listener told her that “Sleeping With The Past” helped get him through a difficult time and that really touched her.

“I want to move people with my music, and that’s what inspires me to continue on this journey,” she says.

“I’d love to connect with people all over the world. Please feel free to like my Facebook music page at Also the CD Forget Me Not can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.”

Carol Martini: Songs of the Girl on the Swing

Carol Martini“Tired of this Heartache” starts off Carol Martini’s Songs of the Girl on the Swing release. It’s the kind of song that will encourage anyone tired of doom, gloom, heartache, and pain. Martini’s folk-rock voice and her cleverly-written lyrics make this an upbeat romp that showcases her talent.

How would I classify Carol Martini’s music?

I’d call it Americana, with a bit of rollicking Country, nice harmonies, and pop sensibilities.

A songwriter since age eleven, having given up the violin for the more “songwriter-friendly” acoustic guitar, Martini released a couple albums of original material, and with 19 tracks, Songs of the Girl on the Swing is the kind you put on and listen to all the way through.

If you like The Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas, The Beatles and, from the 1990s grunge era, The Breeders, I think you’ll appreciate Carol Martini. She offers honest, harmony-laden vocals.

Has she performed at coffee houses in Southern California? Yes. How about bookstores, music stores, small clubs and colleges? Definitely. I have a feeling wherever she goes Carol Martini can endear herself to the gathered audience. She can be serious or funny, depending on the crowd. Plus, her voice consistently delivers whether she’s rocking out on songs like “Love Asked Too Much” or slower tunes.  For the record, her material is generally mid-tempo or fast. This is not music to sleep to.

I enjoy finding solid, accomplished, versatile music artists like Carol Martini. She represents what the music business is lacking– real people making real music. She doesn’t have to wear a short skirt and sing about nonsense for the dumbed-down masses.

Rachael Sage Choreographic

How have I not heard of Rachael Sage until now? She has been an active music maker since her teens, releasing a dozen or so full-length albums. She has shared stages with Shawn Colvin, Judy Collins, Jamie Cullum and Ani DiFranco, among others. Rachael Sage, in my opinion, should be just as well known as the aforementioned artists. She’s a talented musician and songwriter– and her singing voice is appealing, too!

Rachael Sage

Choreographic is her latest album, and it is a tribute to her first love: dance. Besides music, she loves ballet, and she recognizes how intertwined the two truly are.

So what does Rachael Sage sound like?

I’d classify her sound as country folk pop, with a good dose of violin. On Choreographic, the songs were inspired by dancers and choreographers she has encountered in her life.

Her latest single? “Try Try Try” Hear it here:

The New York-based Sage recruited several top-notch, diverse violinists to capture what she describes as the “ballet heart” of the record.

Rachel Golub (Adele, Sting) and Lyris Hung (Indigo Girls) brought their respective classical flair to the somber “It Would Be Enough” (composed for B.B. King) and “5 Alarms,” respectively, while fiddler Kelly Halloran (G Love) stepped out on rootsier tunes such as “Try Try Try,” “I’ve Been Waiting” and “Loreena.”

Cellists Dave Eggar (Coldplay, A Great Big World) and Ward Williams (Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles) contributed a lush foundation across all of the songs, bolstered by drummers Doug Yowell (Joe Jackson) and Andy Mac.

Guitarists James Mastro (Ian Hunter, Garland Jeffreys) and Jack Petruzelli (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright) played a wide range of acoustic and electric parts; bassist Mike Visceglia (Duncan Sheik, Suanne Vega) supplied the low-end, while dynamic keyboardist Peter Adams (Rickie Lee Jones, Juliana Hatfield) layered in organ, accordion, glockenspiel and Rhodes, throughout the album.

All in all, Choreographic is a very musical album.

Find out more about Rachael Sage at her website.