Carol Martini: Songs of the Girl on the Swing

Carol Martini“Tired of this Heartache” starts off Carol Martini’s Songs of the Girl on the Swing release. It’s the kind of song that will encourage anyone tired of doom, gloom, heartache, and pain. Martini’s folk-rock voice and her cleverly-written lyrics make this an upbeat romp that showcases her talent.

How would I classify Carol Martini’s music?

I’d call it Americana, with a bit of rollicking Country, nice harmonies, and pop sensibilities.

A songwriter since age eleven, having given up the violin for the more “songwriter-friendly” acoustic guitar, Martini released a couple albums of original material, and with 19 tracks, Songs of the Girl on the Swing is the kind you put on and listen to all the way through.

If you like The Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas, The Beatles and, from the 1990s grunge era, The Breeders, I think you’ll appreciate Carol Martini. She offers honest, harmony-laden vocals.

Has she performed at coffee houses in Southern California? Yes. How about bookstores, music stores, small clubs and colleges? Definitely. I have a feeling wherever she goes Carol Martini can endear herself to the gathered audience. She can be serious or funny, depending on the crowd. Plus, her voice consistently delivers whether she’s rocking out on songs like “Love Asked Too Much” or slower tunes.  For the record, her material is generally mid-tempo or fast. This is not music to sleep to.

I enjoy finding solid, accomplished, versatile music artists like Carol Martini. She represents what the music business is lacking– real people making real music. She doesn’t have to wear a short skirt and sing about nonsense for the dumbed-down masses.

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