BriaMarie gets groovy with Rather Be

If I can hum a song after I’ve heard it, then I consider it a memorable one. BriaMarie’s “Rather Be” is a hummable song. It’s got a slinky R&B/soul groove, and features the twentysomething singer keeping it smooth, cool and warm all at the same time. “Rather Be” is a song about the good feeling you get being right alongside your lover, no matter where you are together.

In 2017, BriaMarie is set to release her sophomore album, entitled 432.

To get a taste of her sound, enjoy the music video for “Rather Be” here:

BriaMarie is the first artist signed to Ethical Music Entertainment. Her nickname? “The Fresh Princess.”  Also, you should know she shared stages with Ledisi, Tweet and Raheem Devaughn.

What’s perhaps most refreshing about BriaMarie is that she’s hot without being seductive and overtly sexual in her music, like contemporaries Rihanna and Beyonce all too often are. Instead, BriaMarie is community-minded, participating in youth empowerment conferences and anti-bullying campaigns. She even devotes a section of her website to anti-bullying information. And, to top it off, BriaMarie serves the homeless at Chosen 300 Ministries in Philadelphia. Nice.


Growing up in Maryland in a somewhat sheltered environment, eventually she moved to Philly to go to Temple University. In Philly, her eyes opened up to the art, culture and city streets around her. She grew to love life in the city.

Meanwhile she tried to do everything to fit in only to discover she needed to learn to be fine with who she was. Over time, her confidence grew. As an empowered woman, she seeks to instill confidence in young people and that’s a very good thing.

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