Boy George Is Back

Remember Boy George?

I listen to BBC2 radio daily, and they play a lot of Jamie Cullum, Elton John, and, as of late, Boy George. Yes, that guy! The one from Culture Club in the 1980s…the gender-bending British soul singer who had people singing “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” Later on, he got stuck in drugs and sex, had a minor hit with “The Crying Game” in the early 1990s, and, from what I remember, he had to pick up trash as part of some court sentencing for something he did wrong.

It seemed like Boy George was left for dead. He didn’t seem to be making music, but now he’s staging a comeback, and his new song, “King of Everything,” is a pretty good song. Hear it here:

If you heard this song and they didn’t say “Boy George,” you’d probably not be sure who was singing it– it certainly doesn’t sound like the Boy George voice of the 1980s. It’s gruffer, rougher, raspier, timeworn and, perhaps, more honest than ever before.

Interestingly, “King of Everything” and the subsequent album didn’t make much of a cultural impact. Too bad– the song was well-done and should have catapulted his career.

Boy George was Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga was Lady Gaga– playing with different looks and styles and causing lots of people to talk.

The music video for “King of Everything” generated thousand of comments, including one that said he’s more manly and more womanly than ever, which got a reply of, “well, he’s king of everything!” Haha.

Culture Club had a lot of hits in the early 1980s. For a time, Boy George’s voice was everywhere. Despite the challenges of life, he’s still alive and making music even after all these years. Though his voice has changed, he still has a soulful vibe.

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