Bleeding Obvious offers best album of 2016

The Bleeding Obvious reminds me of a very creative person being unleashed on a computer complete with a multitude of instruments around her and a lifetime of interesting influences.

Indeed, The Bleeding Obvious is the musical project debut of music maker Jess Rowbottom from the UK.

A onetime Wakefield Cathedral chorister, Rowbottom decided to record the new album thanks to personal life changes in recent years.

While I’m not sure what her personal life changes were, suffice it to say she’s making diverse, dynamic, cutting-edge music that literally pops out of my speakers. It’s like she has been reborn and is sharing that with an audience, in my opinion.

So who were her musical influences? Swing Out Sister, Pet Shop Boys and Saint Etienne make the list of synthesizer pop faves. Add in classical and choral music. At one time she sang in Latin, accompanied by church organs. Mixing styles on her new album is a result of her musical upbringing.

Interestingly, Rowbottom didn’t grow up taking musical instrument lessons. But– and here’s where I’m amazed– she plays keyboards, organs, bass, guitars, as well as the accordion, ukulele, autoharp, omnichord, recorder, melodica and even modified children’s toys. A musician’s visit to her recording studio would be akin to a kid in candy store.

bleeding obvious

Listening to her debut album, I particularly liked the song “I, Human,” which reminded me of the group Chumbawamba. It effortlessly combines spoken word, pop and electro sounds in a cool way. There’s even a little kid saying, “Isn’t it bleeding obvious?” in the song.

The Bleeding Obvious represents a marriage of art and music put together by a musically interesting music maker consistently keeping the listener’s attention. If I had an award to give, it would go to this project for “best album of 2016.”

bleeding obvious

Keep up with the news on The Bleeding Obvious Facebook page or on Twitter.

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