Bands Need Publicity

If you’re a musician or singer, you’re probably creative, but lazy when it comes to the business-side of things. That’s normal. However, there are some things you can do, if you so choose, to help develop the business-side of your music hobby or career. Bands need publicity.

First, write down three goals for the year. They could be like this:
1) I want a #1 hit song.
2) I want to meet my idols.
3) I want people to buy my CD.

Next, consider using publicity to get noticed!

Publicity can help you get more famous than advertising can. Publicity is:
1) free
2) believable (ads are pests)
3) something that multiplies (one appearance leads to many appearances)

How does publicity make money?
1) you get orders from everywhere
2) creates buzz
3) gets you noticed by gatekeepers who’ll then call you

bands need publicityAnyone can get publicity. Example: I was walking in Times Square, and there was a man in a cowboy hat and his undies– he’s “the naked cowboy,” and he’s turned that into a career! He takes photos with tourists and makes a living!

To get good publicity, you need a “hook,” something that capture’s people’s attention. What question do you raise? What benefit do you offer? If you want to be on a TV show, what visual(s) can you bring to that show? Think like this: “What would I bring on ____ (the tv show name) that shows the viewers something they’ll notice and care about?” It’s important to be timely; consider the time of the year. I sing romantic love songs, so Valentine’s Day (or the week up to it) is the best time for me to go on TV and sing love songs.

Right now, you can make a “one sheet” about yourself. This is your key info; it speaks for itself. The one sheet should deliver your hook, show what you look like, why you/your music matters, and include 5 things you’d “reveal” on the show (a list of talking points). If you watch a certain TV show that you like and think you’d be a great guest on, email the show with your one sheet. You never know.

The important question a singer/musician should ask themselves is this: “Why would people want to tune in to see and hear what I have to say?”

Bands need publicity, right? Lady Gaga is famous for wearing a meat dress. Yes, she does “music,” but you mention her to friends, and they’ll bring up the meat dress, which got her worldwide publicity.

750 people a day approach the typical TV producer. Don’t send them 10 emails an hour, or leave 20-30 voicemails. Make your hook/one sheet/call/pitch entertaining and a producer/writer will find you! Bands need publicity and there are many ways to get it. -Mark Weber

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