Ashley Cleveland

Ashley Cleveland

Guest post by Ashley Cleveland

Hey everyone—I know you’re dying to hear all about what it’s like to be sixty. For those of you that are younger, it’s probably like watching a car wreck. For those of you that are older, there are notes to compare. But honestly, the view from here is pretty much the same as the view from 59. I did get a little boost recently though at a wardrobe fitting for an upcoming Studio Tenn production. Matt Logan, the creative director, pulled a dress from a rack that was the perfect shade of blue but, in my estimation, missing several inches of essential hemline. Then he said: “Look what I got for you” and held up a pair of thigh high boots in the same color. I said, “They make those in a ten?” “Yep—give them a try.” I said: “Do you know how old I am?” “Yep—just put them on.” I have to say, I was prepared for pitiful but it was pretty fab. I told him I might have to buy the boots from him when the show’s over—along with a few rings from his gaudy jewelry box. That’s the fun part about all this age obsolescence. Do I care what anyone says or thinks? Yes, I still care but not much or rather, not enough. I figure, this stretch of life comes with an invisibility cloak anyway so what the heck.

Lots of things are popping in the weeks ahead. Saturday and Sunday, March 25th and 26th I’ll be in Redlands, California at the Packing House. There are 5 services to choose from, hope to see some of you SoCal fans. I’m thinking of the first time I ever drove cross country to California after a long rainy season, crossing from Nevada into Barstow to an explosion of my favorite color, green: olive, chartreuse, pear, parakeet, seaweed, sage and emerald blanketing the Fresno County hills. It was an unforgettable display, particularly after 3 endless days along Interstate 40 through dustbowl country. I’m hoping for a repeat showing next weekend after all the drenching going on across the Golden State.

On March 31st and April 1st, Studio Tenn will present another installment of their Legacy series at the Ryman Auditorium. This show, The Cash Legacy, honors the music of Johnny Cash. I am part of a great, diverse ensemble of artists: Mandy Barnett, Mike Farris, Carrie Tillis, Laura Matula, Steve Benoit, Miles Aubrey and John-Mark McGaha along with a great band led by Don Chaffer of Waterdeep.

Later in April on Friday the 21st, I’ll be back at 3rd and Lindsley with Jonell Mosser and Maura O’Connell for an early show. Great band, great vocals and I’ll be home by ten—perfect.

In May I’m heading to San Antonio on May 15th for The Festival Of Homiletics ( The theme for this years conference is: “Preaching On The Borders.” On May 18th I’m back in the Delta heading to Cleveland, Mississippi with Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor to join Tricia Walker for an In The Round show to benefit the wonderful music program Tricia directs at Delta State University.

In June, Pam Tillis, Tricia Walker and I will kick off a new series: Bluebird Cafe at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee on Sunday the 18th. On our way home, Pam and I are doing a bit of a secret show at a little club called The Station in Louisville, TN right outside of Knoxville on Wednesday, June 21st. It’s not exclusive—we’re just skipping advertising because the club is small. The barbecue I hear is big though.

Take Care and hope your spring done sprung already.

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