Acid Jazz Guitarist

One listen to The Acid Jazz Guitarist and I immediately thought of the TV show Globe Trekker, a show I used to watch on PBS. It’s a long-running adventure tourism TV series inspired by the Lonely Planet travel books, and every single episode that I watched always featured the coolest background music no matter what country the host was showing off to a global audience. The Acid Jazz Guitarist’s style would fit perfectly with Globe Trekker and its audience.

Not much is known about The Acid Jazz Guitarist. He or she lists Savannah, Georgia, as homebase though the music has a worldbeat European flair. For the sake of this article, lets assume that The Acid Jazz Guitarist is male– after all, most acid jazz guitar players are– I think. Right?

Though it’s not a genre I’m that familiar with, acid jazz, the way the guitarist plays it, has the kind of groove I like.

The artist is inspired by Sun Ra, and quotes, “Music is a spiritual language, and it represents the people of earth.” He wrote me that, “I believe this. Music is my religion. And so the intent with my music is to create something authentic that represents what I feel, hear, believe and aspire to be. And so it brings me great joy to find that there are many others (via the web) who feel the same or simply enjoy what I create.”

He’s a talented guitar player, and has over a dozen releases available on bandcamp, including A Spiritual Calling. Mostly instrumental, A Spiritual Calling manages to fuse together hip-hop, R&B, soul, dance and jazz into a tasty concoction for your ears. Give “World’s Of Our Choosing” a listen for its slinky bass and lush keyboards. Put on “Love Is All Around Me” and hear the female singer sing sensually. With 18 tracks, you’re sure to find favorites.

About his style, The Acid Jazz Guitarist says, “This music is an eclectic blend of the many styles and genres of music I enjoy listening to. It doesn’t fit comfortably into one genre which can make it difficult to describe at times. There are elements of jazz, hip-hop,
lounge, soul, rock and new age. And many of my instrumentals are tools for improvisation. This is the basis of jazz though I wouldn’t consider myself a classical jazz guitarist.”

I would consider him a very talented acid jazz guitarist who makes music you can chill to– it’s the kind you close your eyes to, take a deep breath, and relax as the beat moves you and the adept guitar work makes each song an intricate ear worm for your aural pleasure.

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