Ace Records Covers Various Genres Well

I think Billy Bickford, aka “Ace,” of “Ace Records,” is one of those rare talents who know hows to both write and perform songs well. Better yet, he can handle multiple genres, from Country to hip-hop. His music is currently on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other online places.

Singing since the age of 8, when his dad advised him to “sing from your gut,” Ace believes you only live once so you might as well make the most of it. Despite some nerves to record his own songs, Ace harnessed his talent and gets better the more he applies himself to the recording process over time. Perhaps most interesting is his willingness to tackle multiple genres, with the intent to do at least six genres to show his diversity as a writer and performer.

At this time, Ace has 4 songs on the market and he plans to bring other artists into the Ace Records fold in the future.

Lets give a listen to his 4 tracks, shall we? First up, there’s “Alone Out There,” which starts out sounding like something you’d hear on the radio today with its piano, dope beat, and the chorus sung by a woman with a straight-up nice voice… Ace raps on the majority of this song with positive lyrics and I like it!

“Crossroads” is Ace’s Country song. It has some kick to it, as if a cowboy with an attitude wants to get his point across to listeners. It’s a classic Country song about love gone wrong. I’m betting many men will like the lyric about his ex being like an “evil demon.”

While “Take Over” is “Country,” it’s really more like a rock song to me. It sounds like something you’d hear when you walk into a really rowdy, fun bar. I guess you could call this one “bro-Country,” talking about redneck games and hotties in daisy dukes. If Aerosmith did a Country song, “Take Over” would be it!

Finally, “Crazy World” is classified as hip-hop/inspirational, and this song, I think, best highlights the great tone Ace brings to his warm and reassuring vocal delivery.

If you like the music of Sam Hunt, which is best described as a combo of Country, R&B and top-notch songwriting on songs like “Take Your Time,” then I think you’ll definitely want to follow Ace on Soundcloud and put his music into your mix. –Mark Weber

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