Is Miley Cyrus possessed by demons?

Miley Cyrus at MMVA Soundcheck.
Miley Cyrus at MMVA Soundcheck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember when I first heard of Miley Cyrus. She was being marketed to the Christian music/family movie crowd as Billy Ray’s daughter/an actress/singer. She was girly, virginal, and innocent. Unfortunately, like Britney Spears before her, she went from nice girl to bad girl in the span of a few years.

If you saw her doing her stripper moves on Robin Thicke at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards show, “twerking,” molesting herself with a big foam finger, sticking her tongue out at the audience like a serpent, and putting her hair into devil horn formation, you know that she’s not the little girl you and your impressionable young daughters knew and loved from Disney’s “Hannah Montana.”

Miley, I know you’re trying to appear to be an adult now, and wanting to push the envelope, and get people talking about you, but people do not like this new version of you. Basically, you’re putting on the appearance of a possessed demon out to shock people with overtly sexual behavior on stage and in public.

The music industry, it has been said by many, is controlled by Satan. Whether or not you believe in “the devil,” it’s fairly obvious that dark forces are at work in today’s music industry, spewing all sorts of perversity to encourage young people to show their body parts and engage in non-stop sex acts. It seems our society has become one big “look at me” society, with the idea that girls use overt sexuality to get what they want– money, fame, and power. This is pretty sad.

Miley Cyrus is going to continue to do things to shock us; she’ll probably do crazy stuff on Saturday Night Live when she hosts the October 5th show. And YouTube clips of it will end up being seen by millions of youth who will either say, “That’s weird/digusting” or “She’s SO COOL!” What do you think about Miley Cyrus? Leave your comments.

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