Pianos in Public Buffalo

Pianos in Public
Pianos in Public

The Mark Weber Music Blog is happy to share with you Pianos in Public Buffalo, a project that takes old pianos that would have been thrown out and destroyed, and, instead, gets them painted to look artistically cool, and then placed outdoors for the summer at key places around Buffalo, New York. If you are a supporter of the arts, and particularly like music, pianos and helping put smiles on faces of many people who will encounter these pianos, please visit www.BeautifulBuffalo.com to learn more about the project.

Piano at Canalside in Buffalo
Piano at Canalside in Buffalo

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8 thoughts on “Pianos in Public Buffalo”

  1. How wonderful! I have a 60 year old piano in good shape, many soft keys from 50 years of just sitting. It would be great if you could use it. Linda

  2. Obviously this is a great idea and I visited the Caramici and Kenmore sites on Saturday. I was able to play the Caramici piano which seemed to be in good working order but probably not a very high quality piano to begin with from the feeling I got. I’ve pointed out before that it was a mistake to paint the keys and this was glaringly true on this piano where all the keys were yellow. Why anyone would paint the keys is beyond comprehension. But the painting done on the main body of the pianos is very colorful and adds a lot to them. A young girl was seated at the Kenmore piano when I got there. Her mother was nearby. The young girl was mostly just banging loudly on the keys, but there were times she showed some talent. The mother said she’d had no lessons. I was left wondering how much more of that kind of abuse the piano could take. I never got to try it though it seemed to have a good tone.

  3. Keep in mind these are not Carnegie Hall pianos; the intent is to brighten people’s day and have locals and tourists alike, of all ages and abilities, feel good seeing a piano in an unexpected place and feeling free to interact with it. Seeing as they’re outdoors, with the wind, humidity, heat, etc., it’s pretty amazing that they sound halfway decent as they’re out there for months.

  4. I was playing at Caramici’s recently on a rainy day. The piano probably got a little wet but it wasn’t bad. After I finished I went in to buy a pastry. The clerk told me it was refreshing to see someone come along who can actually play it. She said that most that use it just bang on it.

    I’ve started an inquiry here on Grand Island to see if they would be interested in a piano as part of the program. Right now town officials are supposed to get back to me .

  5. Still waiting for a reply from Grand Island Town officials. I will contact them this week if I don’t hear anything.

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