10 Social Media Tips

10 social media tips from the Mark Weber Music Blog:

10) You should post 1 time per day, 5 times per week.

9) The average post lifetime is 3 hours that it’ll get noticed.

8) Posts die when engagement is less than 10%.

7) Use a captivating pic with your posts.

6) Share personal thoughts to connect with your audience.

5) Keep posts short– 3 lines of text or less is ideal.

4) Asking questions fosters best interactions– easy questions get easy answers; use “Should,” “Would,” or “Who” rather than “Why” or “How.”

3) Visual content is key; videos and photos get the best reach.

2) Don’t have anything to share? Use a “This Day In History” then.

1) Most people looking at Facebook pages are women ages 25-34.

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