Get to know Nias and his song Without You

I really like listening to Nias’ song “Without You.” The lyrics speak to me. It’s about a man finding a love that nourishes him in all ways, including spiritually. He doesn’t want to be without this woman who has come into his life and made it better. This is the kind of song all boyfriends and husbands should play for their significant other.

So who is Nias?

He’s a Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter and music producer. He seeks to blend musical styles. According to Nias, “The world has become a smaller place where we’re all exposed to and impacted by an eclectic array of flavors. Musically blending these flavors into appealing new combinations is a goal of mine.” He believes that’s where popular music is headed, and I agree.

Take a listen to his song “Without You” via YouTube here:

Nias continues, “As a music lover, I’m saddened by the same 10 to 15 songs being rotated endlessly. I love diversity and I believe the market does too.”

NiasWith that in mind, what does Nias listen to? He’ll play a song from Morgan Heritage out of Jamaica, followed by Paper Aeroplanes out of Scotland. To keep it interesting, he’ll add Miguel, Diplo and Calvin Harris into his mix. He says, “If it’s good it doesn’t matter how it’s classified.”

Besides singing and songwriting, Nias has created a business under the banner of Nias Intellectual Properties. Think of it as a modern day record company focused on music licensing for films, television and advertising… Nias seeks to provide diverse music to the world with his unique brand and sound. Indeed, he hates being pigeonholed.

“If you hear another song of mine inevitably you’re going to hear me tackling another genre, or, at the very least, fusing it into what I already do,” he says.

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Neonomora is the Sade of the new century

Not since Sade has there been a female singer of stunning beauty and musical talent that deserved to be a household name in America despite being from somewhere far, far away from the trendsetting cities of New York and Los Angeles. But Neonomora is the obvious “Sade” of the new century. Like Sade, who hails from Africa, Neonomora looks like a model. She also sings with passion and a romantic allure on songs like her new one, “Be Still, My Soul.” It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with her.

Neonomora is world class

Neonomora is an Indonesian singer who has also called China and Australia home. She’s literally a woman of the world. Born in 1988, it wasn’t until her brother and some others helped her produce an album that she became well-known in Indonesia. In late 2013, her debut EP peaked at number one on Mustang 88 FM in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Neonomora has since received praise across the media, especially from BuzzFeed, where she landed on the list of “10 Incredible Indonesian Bands You Should Listen To.”

Influenced by Mariah Carey, Bjork, Whitney Houston, and Roberta Flack, Neonomora has had a passion for singing since an early age. She began writing poetry around age 5 and has also enjoyed drawing– the arts are in her blood.

Fast forward to now: her new song, “Be Still, My Soul,” is mesmerizing and captivating– the kind of song that catches the attention of music lovers worldwide. Since it’s sung in English and has a Sade/Enya feel, there’s a good chance it could be the song to help introduce her to American audiences.

If you use Spotify, you can hear “Be Still, My Soul” here. You’re also welcome to check out Neonomora’s website. Look for her forthcoming album. It’s entitled Waters. Like her on Facebook for updates.

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Tony Russo sings The Christmas Song

We all should have an Uncle Tony. Indeed, many of us have an uncle or two who loves to sing. Tony Russo is the kind of guy who harkens back to another era when crooners ruled the charts. Upon listening to him sing “The Christmas Song,” I immediately thought of Tony Bennett, another Tony, whom he reminded of, as well as Nat “King” Cole, who made the definitive version of this classic Christmas song.

Tony RussoTony Russo hails from Syracuse, New York. There he sings jazz and adult contemporary songs, complete with his warm, engaging tone. As a music maker, he not only sings but can play guitar and fiddle as well. If you ask, he’ll tell you he has been in show business all of his life and that music is his passion.

The Christmas Song

Besides “The Christmas Song,” you can hear the crooner tackle classics like “The Summer Wind,” “What A Wonderful World,” and “Sway” on his website. Be sure to check out his version of “Return To Me.” His voice is just right for that one!

Every December, people listen to holiday songs. “The Christmas Song,” which Tony croons, is also known as “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” Originally, it was known as “Merry Christmas to You.” Frankly, I think most people just call it “Chestnuts.” The song came about back in 1945 when Bob Wells and singer Mel Torme wrote it. Interestingly, “Chestnuts” was written during a blistering hot summer!

The Nat “King” Cole Trio first recorded “Chestnuts” in 1946. Cole re-recorded it several times. His 1961 version is the one that’s generally regarded as definitive.

As you’d imagine, the song is covered by many artists. Tony Russo does a nice job with it. You can also hear him singing “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” here.



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Musical Spa offers relaxing music like Grand Canyon

Musical Spa brings together a family of New Age composers from around the world dedicated to creating beautiful music for health and wellness. The group’s catalog is comprised of some of the best relaxing music for massage, healing, spa, yoga, meditation and more. Musical Spa’s purpose is to provide listeners with the ultimate relaxation music experience so they can calm the mind, relax and unwind.

Musical Spa

Musical Spa is headed up by Ivan Valles, a musician who graduated from Berklee College of Music. He studied music production and engineering there. Eventually he moved to Miami, where he met his wife Elisa. She’s a graphic designer and photographer. Together they have two beautiful girls and have adopted an “organic lifestyle.”

As they’ve learned different ways to improve their health, the couple agreed that music has been “the best companion we could have asked for in our journey.”

Do you want to reconnect body and soul, as well as release stress from everyday life? Musical Spa’s offerings are focused on health and wellness– they’re designed to make you feel better. Give the song “Grand Canyon,” for instance, a listen and note how it makes you feel–

“Grand Canyon” is just a taste of what Musical Spa has to offer.

Check out their website, as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hear more songs via their YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for a beautiful recording of Christmas tunes this holiday season, I’d love for you to hear samples of Musical Spa’s Christmas Music release here. Producer Ivan Valles and solo pianists Kendra and Michael Logozar bring together classic songs done in a relaxing, melodic and soothing way that will calm your spirit this season. I especially like the pretty piano work on “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.”

Should you have any questions, email Ivan at

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