The musically magnificent Phillip Presswood


The male Enya has arrived! If you’ve enjoyed the ethereal dream pop of Irish singer Enya, known for her layered harmonies and Celtic melodies, I think you’re going to absolutely love Phillip Presswood.

Like Enya, Presswood is a musical master with an Irish heritage, performing all the vocals and instruments himself– he’s essentially building a musical masterpiece step-by-step, and the result is magnificent. His whole life has prepared him for making music that matters to people.

By age four, he played piano and before his teenage years, he had composed his first orchestral work.

As a classically-trained pianist, Presswood has studied music as it relates to computer technology, delving into sound synthesis methods including MIDI, sampling, and hard disk recording. He has worked on several soundtracks, and is unique because he speaks five languages.

Phillip Presswood’s new album, Love: The Fifth Season, is a three CD box set that includes 30 new tracks ranging from pop/rock and dream pop to electronica and classical Celtic music. It’s set for release on November 3, 2015, just two days before his birthday.

Visit to learn more about this talented recording artist. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Luna Rise

Luna Rise is an Austrian rock band with an album called Dark Days And Bright Nights, featuring the song, “Valentine.”

Chris Divine, the band’s singer (and leader), is influenced by classic hard rock, progressive metal, goth rock, and “melancholic-sensual pop.” So, if you like Ozzy, Billy Idol and Bon Jovi, you’re going to want to give Luna Rise a listen. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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Cottontail Hollow by Blu Collar Glomeration


Cottontail Hollow, the new release from Blu Collar Glomeration, is a unique conglomeration of music that’s experimental in nature. From “Housebroken,” which is sung from the perspective of a puppy, to the country shuffle of “The Bittersweet Saga of Barry Soetoro” talking about President Obama, the album reminds me of a variety show. Find this one on Google Play. –Mark Weber Music Blog