How to Record YouTube Music Videos

YouTube music videos are an important part of any music makers’ promotional tools.

There are a lot of reasons that I recommend new artists record a music video of themselves. You can use your own YouTube music videos to help find ways to improve your performance. The video, after all, will allow you to see and hear exactly what your audience does.

YouTube Music Videos

For your first video you don’t need to go out and spend tons of cash to get going. I recommend you simply use the camera and microphone on your laptop or smartphone.

(How to record singing and playing guitar at the same time)

YouTube Music Videos

Below are some helpful tips on how to make yourself look and sound as great as possible for YouTube music videos.


On phones and webcams the microphone and camera are attached to each other, so it can be difficult to get the camera far enough back to capture your body, but close enough for the microphone to hear you. It can be a bit of a balancing act.

Get as much of your body in the camera shot as possible so that you can see if you have any weird habits while you play/sing. If your foot is out of frame, you may never know that you subconsciously tap your foot as you sing.

Room Acoustics

Acoustics are the properties or qualities of a room that determine how sound is transmitted in it.

Basic rules:

  • Don’t record in a small room with flat, square, bare walls.
  • Eliminate all the background noise you possibly can.
  • If the room sounds echoey, throw some pillows against the wall and hang up some blankets.

Video Recording Best Practices

Simple best practices:

  • Look into the camera.
  • Sit or stand comfortably/naturally.
  • Don’t wear distracting clothes.
  • Use lots of light.

Simple Next Steps

The easiest way to get a dramatic increase in your recorded music quality is to use a separate microphone. The improvement will be immediate and glorious. Before you go out and buy something though, you need to know how to find the best microphones for singing.

So what are you waiting for? Start recording YouTube music videos today!

This is a guest post by Jesse Elmore from Hear The Music


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Music Videos: Best Apps

GUEST POST: Music videos are awesome. The advances in modern technology mean that it’s easier than ever to enjoy your favorite music, no matter where you are. Now, almost any device has the power to host your favorite music videos from almost any artist you chose.

music videos

Music Videos

With so many fantastic music videos on the market, it can be hard to pick the best place to see them, so we’ve compiled a list of three frontrunners that are bound to give you your best daily music videos fix.

YouTube + a VPN

Everyone knows that YouTube is by far the industry giant in music videos. The fact that music videos can be individually uploaded by anyone means that you’re able to find almost any song you are looking for without a problem. Further than that, there’s usually a range of options, so you can opt for the best quality.

Unfortunately, when it comes to being on the go, YouTube does have its drawbacks. It’s one of the most heavily censored sites worldwide, so you could find it’s often blocked if you travel to a different country. Because of this, it’s wise to accompany it with a VPN such as IPVanish, which will hide your IP address and allow you to gain access no matter where you are. Cool tip, huh?


Run and operated by VidZone Digital Media and Sony Entertainment, this is probably the largest official source for music videos available today. With over 10,000 unique videos available and a well-structured user interface, you can easily search by genre, artist or song to find a great variety of music videos.

This app also offers you the opportunity to create bespoke playlists of your favorite tracks, so it’s perfect for parties and social events. You can also ‘favorite’ tunes that you listen to regularly, and add songs to a queue to create an ongoing listening and watching experience. BONUS: It’s regularly updated with new releases.


Pluto.TV is an online broadcasting app that offers over a hundred channels, many of which solely stream music videos. You can choose by specific genre or even opt for one of the many channels dedicated to some of the biggest names like David Bowie and Taylor Swift.

Set up identically to a digital TV box, this app is easy to use. You can easily switch between channels if you’re bored of the content you’re getting. You can also skip backward and forward through shows to find certain songs you want to listen to or to check out content you might have missed. It’s like MTV used to be, only better.

These are just a few of the many great music video services out there.

About the Author: Caroline is an entertainment and technology blogger and life-long music fan. She loves combining her passions and finding the best ways that tech has influenced the world of music, and she hopes she can share all she knows to help others make the most of our changing world!

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Even Fish Love Beer

Gary Clark has a Country song that will put a smile on your face. It’s called “Even Fish Love Beer (A Fish Tail).” Available on iTunes, Amazon and other sites, “Even Fish Love Beer” brings something back to Country music that’s sorely missing these days: a sense of old-school humor with the song lyrics.

Even Fish Love Beer

Even Fish Love Beer

When he’s not at his day job as a commercial banker, Clark writes songs, plays guitar and sings– and does all of these things well. It’s refreshing to hear a song like “Even Fish Love Beer” compared to what’s passing for “Country” music these days on the radio.

Have you heard of the term “Bro-Country?” It’s the name given to today’s radio-friendly hits by artists like Florida Georgia Line, made by and for tatted, gym-toned, young white party dudes. For a couple of years now, Bro-Country has taken over the charts with songs that seem to concentrate on trucks, country roads, and objectified women (aka girls wearing tight jeans) as the main lyrical themes. One thing Gary Clark’s “Even Fish Love Beer” song has in common with Bro-Country is that both celebrate beer… proving alcohol is, was, and always will be a Country music staple.

My friend Grady posted about the Bro-Country phenomenon on YouTube and his video has since received more than 4 millions views! Check it:

When songwriters all start to sound the same, using the same themes, it gets boring. This has happened in Christian music, pop music, and, yes, even Country music. That said, there are usually independent artists on the fringes who are willing to do stuff differently in order to stretch people’s imaginations when they hear interesting songs that aren’t just “by the numbers.”

I think Gary Clark’s unique new song, “Even Fish Love Beer,” will appeal to Country music fans who appreciate oldies but goodies like “There’s a Tear in My Beer” by Hank Williams, Sr., and “Too Drunk To Fish” by Ray Stevens.

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Soul R&B singer Rob Hewz

Rob Hewz just got done performing at the Unity1 Summer Music Festival at Pierce Park in downtown Ennis, Texas, where the crowd loved him. He has a natural charisma and music in his bones.

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas as Robert Hughes, he began performing at age 9. Keeping it interesting, his stage name became Rob Hewz, which definitely sounds and looks more like a performer’s name than “Robert Hughes,” which could be your accountant or dentist, right?

As a teenager, Hewz played for audiences in clubs and made his first professional recording. Right before he turned 20, he was offered a production deal via a meeting with a band whom he loved. But the music biz can be shady. An artist has to be careful about the people he associates with and you’ve undoubtedly heard or read stories of artists being taken advantage of by sharks just out for money. Hewz could have had a fancy recording contract, but when he voiced his needs– like being properly paid for his music sales and getting proper promotional support–in the end the contract(s) didn’t work out.

Rob HewzAs with most artists these days, Hewz found himself working hard to handle the different aspects of a recording and performing career as a “do-it-yourselfer,” and after releasing The Intro, his first CD, he did just fine on his own. Besides receiving radio airplay, Hewz received requests for shows and music videos soon followed.

I particularly love Rob Hewz’ “Why Can’t We Just Get Along.” It’s ear candy, slinking along on a groovy beat with Hewz’ more than capable R&B vocals. Besides The Intro, you’ll want to check out his other release Life After “the 9-5”, available on here and iTunes here.

You can see and hear Hewz in action in a video taken at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas, here:

I think that if you like Johnny Gill or Tony! Toni! Toné! then you should add Rob Hewz to your music collection.

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Curtis Lee Putman

Curtis Lee Putman
I immediately liked Curtis Lee Putman’s new single, #TallintheSaddle, upon first hearing it. His deep voice suits Country music perfectly, and the beat, the violins and subject matter are spot on for a good Country song. #TallintheSaddle (When I Ride) is the first single from a planned full album release to be entitled #MyTruth. Putman likes hashtags.

Like all good Country songs, there’s truth to the words Putman, aka “The Rambling Man,” is singing. It tells the story of the aftermath of his being exonerated of wrongful criminal charges. After taking on a corrupt County in Michigan that was “prosecuting for profit,” Putman spent several weeks as a fugitive from justice. In the end, he was cleared of the charges. Even the bounty hunter who apprehended him became his friend and ended up helping him. As you can imagine, the whole situation has the making of a great Country music album as Putman tells his side of the story.

When he’s not making music, Putman is an advocate against parental alienation with Dads and Moms of Michigan. He also raises awareness regarding parental alienation, father’s rights, and the rights of the falsely accused.

Having played guitar since the age of 12, Putman’s influences include Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash. He currently calls Montgomery, Alabama home, and considers his concerts to be parties rather than performances.

After receiving several of life’s curve balls–usually knocking them back over the fence but not always– Putman has overcome his demons and found peace. He finds himself in a place where good has come from the bad. Singing and songwriting have soothed his soul and now he wants to share it.

“I just play music, the good kind, the universal language of everyone. Because really, we’re all saying the same thing,” he says.

Curtis Lee Putman is a dynamic performer, a gifted songwriter and a strong musician.

Check out his website here.

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