Hassan Bin Rashid


Hassan Bin Rashid is unique. Educated in Tampa, Hassan is a global guy calling places like Dubai and London home. His album, “A Better Yeah,” shows off his singer-songwriter skills; a while back he toured the world in rock bands. If you’d like to download “A Better Yeah” for free, visit his website here. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Crazy Faith from John Waller

John Waller

John Waller’s southwestern themed music video is so beautifully shot that I wanted to share it with you here on the Mark Weber Music Blog. The song is called “Crazy Faith,” and it’s from the film War Room. What’s perhaps even more interesting to me is that Waller currently resides with his wife and nine children in Atlanta. Nine kids? Wow. More power to you, bro. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Introducing Meresha


Meresha has a very European sound, as if Joss Stone and Bjork had a musical baby. From the upbeat “New Revolution” to the slinky “You,” Meresha manages to fit today’s electro-pop sound that dominates the charts while also taking it to another level– think pop music for those who have discriminating tastes and don’t want the same old same old from the usual suspects like Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Meresha Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, Meresha’s interest in music began at the age of 11 with both guitar and voice lessons. In just one year, music became her passion, and she began writing and performing for anyone who would listen. By the age of 15, Meresha had convinced her family to move to the United States so that she could fully pursue her music career.

Meresha got to work, and one year later she perfected songs for her first EP, “Lunatic”. Funded through Kickstarter, Meresha raised over 200% of her goal and used the extra money to host a launch party at BB King’s Blues Club. Adding fans around the world through her Kickstarter campaign, and drawing a large local crowd to her launch party, Meresha quickly recognized that her sound – a soulful voice with modern beats was a unique blend that people craved.

Now, with the release of her second EP, Meresha plans to take the world by storm. A trendsetter, Meresha became the first artist to launch an EP exclusively on the new social media site tsu, one week before it was available publicly. She made videos with the CEO, prominent tsu users, the tsu leadership team as well as prominent charities ahead of the launch. Could tsu be the new myspace, which also helped launch artists? Quite possibly so.

MereshaYou’ve got to respect that Meresha wrote and sung every song on her album, and as a pianist, guitarist and drummer, she composed and performed each song as well. I’m impressed.

“New Revolution,” the catchy title track on her EP, is a celebratory song that Meresha hopes each listener will interpret to be meaningful for his or her own “revolution.” An upbeat song that was designed to get listeners to dance and sing along, “New Revolution” was written and composed to lift spirits and simply have fun. It would be great to exercise to, by the way. “I created this song as a celebration of the past, creation of the new and a respect of the classics,” says Meresha. “But it really can be about many things and people can interpret it in many ways. It can be applied to music, innovation or even technology.”

One of Meresha’s favorite songs on the album, “You,” is more personal. She invites you to witness her “softer side” and tells a story she’s crafted about two individuals who admire each other but don’t know how the other feels. A powerful ballad that demonstrates the range of her voice, it is a bit mysterious, but ends well for the song’s heroes.

Other songs on the EP include the cool “Lemonade City” and smooth “August.” Visit the artist’s website to hear her music. –Mark Weber Music Blog

David Myles

David Myles

I first heard David Myles singing the hook on “Inner Ninja” by Canadian rapper Classified.

Upon further consideration, I got to know more about David Myles through YouTube and such and I think he’s a cool cat. Now he’s attempting to break into the American market with a rootsy Americana-style sound– not bad for a Canadian, eh? :) I’m a fan of crooner David Myles and you should be too. Canada has excellent musical talent and here’s hoping America embraces David Myles like they did Michael Buble and Celine Dion.

Download music from David Myles on Noisetrade.