Drop It with DAV!D&CLARA

DAV!D&CLARA is a unique electronic/industrial music act from the Phoenix area, making music which might remind you of Nine Inch Nails and New Order. DAV!D is David Castillo, and CLARA? Clara is David’s computer. Together they make hypnotic, robotic sounds like “Drop It,” which you can hear below:

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King Size hard rock from Austria

Heavy metal is alive! King Size is a band from Austria with a right on hard rock/heavy metal sound. Their energetic new album, Around and Around, is a must for metalheads everywhere.

King Size is on Facebook, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp, so there’s no excuse for you not to get their music.


Luke Potter releases So Sugar album

Remember when Justin Bieber was every girl’s dream boyfriend? Well, many of those girls have moved on, and Bieber is left trying to reinvent his image as some sort of thug.

Enter Luke Potter. He’s a young, talented music maker from the UK who could easily get teenage girls screaming. Unlike Bieber, though, he isn’t a snotty brat, and he hasn’t been corrupted by fame.

Potter’s debut album, So Sugar, is pure pop pleasure, combining youthful enthusiasm tempered with extremely well-produced songs that can appeal to all ages. Sure, teen girls will flock to him, but unlike Bieber, adults wouldn’t be annoyed by Potter or his music, which is mature enough to appeal to people in their 20s and 30s and beyond. Potter writes his own songs, plays guitar, and, most importantly, is passionate about what he does. It shows.

“We’re Alive” is a pumped up song that could easily fill arenas with the crowd pumping their fists and singing along– it features a thumping beat and gorgeous strings, topped off with Potter’s solid vocals.

“It’s Okay To Dream” tells the listener exactly that, encouraging people to be exactly who they want to be.

Potter is a solid singer who is able to utilize his falsetto at just the right times. His songs are catchy, as if The Beach Boys, Green Day, Oasis and Blink 182 morphed together to make an appealing new artist for 2014.

Influenced by Jimmy Eat World, Goo Goo Dolls and Jason Mraz, Luke Potter’s music combines great grooves, guitars and an appealing British accent on So Sugar.

Check him out on iTunes or his website. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Gravity from Lizzy Small is a sonic pleasure

Lizzy Small’s new song, “Gravity,” is sonically mesmerizing and the music video for it is especially memorable for the epic pool party scene toward the end.

Small is a singer, dancer and actress whom you might have seen on the show Hip Hop Harry (TLC) or in national commercials. Look for her in movies in the years to come.

Visit her YouTube channel, main website and/or check her out on Twitter. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Jazz saxophonist Person Natalie

Person Natalie has been playing sax since she was a kid, surrounded by family members who loved and made music. With some college training in Jazz Studies at Saddleback College in California, Natalie explored different styles including blues, country, rock, smooth jazz, and R&B, with a twist of “hillbilly jazz” if there is such a genre.

Some of Natalie’s favorite jazz saxophonists include Paul Desmond, Wayne Shorter, Phil Woods, Tom Scott, Gerald Albright, Wilton Felder, and John Zorn.

Most recently, she collaborated with composer David Lewis Luong from Australia, on the new album, Dreamy Lullaby. It’s a gem. If you like the sound of instruments like clarinet, piano, trumpet, trombone, and, of course, sax, then you will like the new album. It reminds me of a lazy Sunday on a porch in New Orleans. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Get Dreamy Lullaby on iTunes here.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to feature NEEDTOBREATHE

I’ll make a point of watching the annual  88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®, which takes place on Thursday, November 27th and is seen by more than 3.5 million spectators in New York City and more than 50 million television viewers nationwide. It’s always fun to see giant balloons, marching bands, floats, and, of course, musical performances, whether lip-synched or live.

This year, look for the band NEEDTOBREATHE in the parade. The band, comprised of brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart, Seth Bolt and Josh Lovelace will debut their new single, “Brother,” on board South Dakota Department of Tourism’s Mount Rushmore’s American Pride float which depicts the natural landscapes and iconic landmarks of that Midwestern state.

“Brother,” from the band’s 2014 chart-topping fifth studio album Rivers In the Wasteland, will be released as a single in January. The band’s previous single, “Multiplied,” spent 29 weeks on the chart at NCA, peaked at #5 and remained in the top 5 for 4 weeks straight. “Multiplied” was also nominated for Rock/Contemporary Song of the Year at the 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards. In addition to supporting its latest effort with the Macy’s Parade performance, the band is busy finalizing its 2015 tour plans, which will include its first-ever tour of Australia.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is broadcast nationally in the USA on NBC-TV, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, in all time zones. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Nat King Cole lives on thru Corey Barksdale

Nat King Cole was THE MAN. In the 1940s and 1950s, he was American music. Unfortunately, smoking caught up with his lungs and he died from lung cancer in the 1960s. Oh, but what a voice and legacy he left behind thru recordings, and, of course, his talented daughter Natalie Cole.

So I read with interest that there’s a singer from Chicago named Corey Barksdale who is touring in Sweden this month, where he’s performing the “Natalie and Nat King Cole Sweet Christmas Concert.” I WISH I could be there to witness that! As a performer myself, the majority of tunes I sing for people are Nat King Cole hits, so I am intrigued to discover that Corey Barksdale is helping Cole’s classic music live on. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Dream-pop from Australia

Following the release of their debut EP, Illumina, earlier in the year, Australia’s four piece band, I Know Leopard, have wasted no time jumping back into the studio, today unleashing “Perfect Picture,” the first taste of the band’s sophomore EP. The offering is trademark I Know Leopard– celestial, swimming, string-enhanced pop, a bit of synth and all of the feels. In other words, it’s dream-pop. I like it. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Do They Know Its Christmas remake featuring One Direction

A bunch of British, Irish and other European singers, many of whom are unfamiliar to American audiences, got together to record a new version of the classic Christmastime song, “Do They Know Its Christmas?” Popular 30 years ago, the song, this time around, has slightly different lyrics, but still has Bono on it. Meanwhile, there are a lot of “new” voices and faces on this version, including Ed Sheeran and One Direction. Oh, and by the way, this time around, instead of raising money for the hungry kids in Ethiopia, they’re raising money for those afflicted with Ebola.

Heartfelt music from Jen Hannah


Jen Hannah uses her talent to write and perform heartfelt songs offering hope amidst life’s struggles.

Jen’s husband, Geoff, is an inspirational speaker who uses soap bubbles to inspire children to follow their dreams. Jen wrote his theme song, “Anything Is Possible,” which went on to win a Posi (Positive) Music Award.

The world needs more positivity. Hear Jen’s latest songs, including the piano pop of “Shine A Light” and the tender “Breathe” here, where you can also pre-order her new album, RISE. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Corey Primus incorporates harmonica into his song Never Again

Corey Primus
Corey Primus

Corey Primus’ new song, “Never Again,” starts off with a harmonica. Then it sounds like a classic singer-songwriter song, with Primus telling a story about a guy named Johnny who gets home from a hard night’s work, looking at the bills on the table, telling himself he’ll never go back to shift work again.

A nice bass groove kicks in, along with keyboards, and the song takes on a rock-jazz feel which might remind you of Ben Folds Five. Give “Never Again” a listen. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Michael W. Smith to perform with Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town

Michael W. Smith will perform on the CMA Country Christmas special, airing on ABC on Monday, Dec. 1, at 8pm. He’ll be joined by Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town, performing two tracks off his new Christmas album. With Underwood, he’ll sing “All Is Well,” an original tune, and with Little Big Town, he’ll sing the classic, “Silent Night.”

The 2014 CMA Country Christmas special will also feature Leann Rimes, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and others.

Intriguing music from Omnisense

Omnisense definitely got my attention when he described his music as “downtempo electronic music with diverse types of songs, ranging from angelic, lightside, darkside, etc.” Hear the music here and see what you think:

Did you listen to song #2, “Dusk?” I especially like that one.

As an electronic music producer, Omnisense also produces videos, blogs and is an activist. More interestingly, he describes himself as an Extraterrestrial Contactee and Black Ops Targeted Individual. Omnisense is definitely an intriguing music maker. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Hungry Like The Wolf gets remade by RYKER

“Hungry Like The Wolf” is Deli Records’ 8th release and a debut for the hot new artist known as RYKER.

The song, which many of you remember as a 1980s hit by Duran Duran, gets remade into a more magical feeling song. The soundscape journey starts in a cold, otherworldly place with a hypnotic rhythm, slowly building into a bass driven clarity. The seductive vocal carries you through a wash of lush pianos and strings arriving at the fantasy breakdown where RYKER’s hazy vocals bring you back to the songs pre-climax. Swirling guitars and live drums accompany the journey to a climactic finish, with high emotions and a whisper.

With more original songs due from RYKER soon, Hungry Like The Wolf is the start in a series of totally awesome releases.

The pre-release promo of “HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF” is available for a limited time to download on Soundcloud:

Enjoy! –Mark Weber Music Blog

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