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Shakira is most popular music artist on Facebook

How many times have you “liked” a music artist on Facebook? Well, for Shakira, it appears she’s the most popular music artist on the social networking site, having just passed 100 million “likes.” That’s right– 100 million. Not just a million. 100 million. What!?! That’s insane! Right? Well, her “hips don’t lie.” :) She’s sexy, fun and has a global audience, smartly singing in both English and Spanish, reaching more people than your average singer. Way to go Shakira! –Mark Weber Music Blog

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Weird Al goes viral with his latest music videos

I grew up with Weird Al. He was popular in the 1980s with parodies of Michael Jackson songs. And the amazing thing is, even now, in 2014, he’s still the best parody song/video maker the music world has ever known. This time around, he’s doing something very smart: posting a video a day…

Weird Al knows people have short attention spans– what’s hot one day is forgotten the next, for better or worse. In the old days, an artist released a video, which they hoped would get shown multiple times on MTV. Nowadays, YouTube is MTV and then some. Young people flock to YouTube to see and hear whatever songs stand out from the crowd, so Weird Al is utilizing that site as a way to share his most recent songs, one video a day for eight days, successively, to get people talking about him, and his new music. It’s a brilliant idea!

In just a couple days, “Foil” has more than 8 million views– in today’s viral video world, it’s a hit! –Mark Weber Music Blog

Catey Shaw sings about Brooklyn Girls

Catey Shaw has the kind of singing voice that stands out from other singers, and now she has a YouTube video that’s fast becoming a viral hit. The song, “Brooklyn Girls,” has a dynamic video that shows off lots of sections of Bushwick and Williamsburg– two areas of Brooklyn known for the invasion of “hipsters,” aka creative types who care about aesthetics, art, coffee and music.

If you ask native Brooklynites about the song, they’re bound to not like it because Catey Shaw is not a Brooklyn native, and they’d tell you she shows off everything that’s stereotypical/wrong regarding today’s Brooklyn, which has been taken over by hipster kid-adults who aren’t “the real Brooklyn.”

If you’re someone who has never been to Brooklyn, and you watch the video, you might think there’s graffiti everywhere (there’s not) and such. It’s a well-shot music video, and I like it (the chorus is catchy), but I’m not a Brooklyn native, and only lived there for a short time. My guess is the song will become a viral hit and help Catey Shaw get more gigs. –Mark Weber Music Blog

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