The Bad Years


The Bad Years is the kind of indie rock I like a lot– it’s chill, relaxing, involves both a male and female lead vocal, and is well-produced. The Bad Years is a Los Angeles band with a cool video for their song “Beautiful Liar” showing the band roaming around LA, living the life we imagine a band would: hitting up coffee shops, museums, thrift stores, bars, etc. Consisting of members Sami Akbari and Aaron Mort, The Bad Years weave together different influences like The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Soft Cell, Nancy Sinatra, T. Rex, Jesus and Mary Chain, Portishead, U2, The Cardigans, and The Kills… IMHO, The Bad Years are GOOD! –Mark Weber Music Blog

Prior Peak

You have got to hear Prior Peak’s new music, like the song “Rise and Shine.” Prior Peak is actually Nur N. Eytan, a software developer/DJ/producer from Tel-Aviv, Israel. What makes his music stand out from others? Prior Peak utilizes inspiration from unique sources for sounds, including stuff recorded on the streets and–get this–“scientific numeric constants.” Not sure what those are, but it works and sounds fantastic! –Mark Weber Music Blog

How to make it in music

Wondering how to make it in music?

Here’s some great advice: to make it in music you can’t succeed completely on your own. This is true whether you’re a musician, songwriter, visual artist, videographer, or actor. To truly thrive as a creative entrepreneur you need support. You need encouragement. You need someone to celebrate victories with and share your defeats. Basically, you need a team, a family, and a network of peers who are on the same challenging journey as you. That’s how you make it in music.

Music makers: are your songs only worth 99 cents?

Years ago, Apple took over the music industry and convinced every musician on the planet that their songs are only worth $0.99.  If another music business launched today and started selling songs for $2.99, would you give them a try? No way. Apple dominates the industry, and any rival company that wants to remain competitive will have to sell their songs for $0.99 or less.

Kim Burrell


Kim Burrell is one of those singers who other singers look up to. Ask Mariah Carey or Beyoncé who they love listening to and chances are they’ll say “Kim Burrell!” Known for her ability to sing a combination of jazz, soul and Gospel music, Kim Burrell has collaborated with artists like Harry Connick Jr., funk master George Clinton, R. Kelly and Stevie Wonder. Her fans include Omarion, Jessica Simpson and Chaka Khan.

Known especially for her “vocal runs,” Kim Burrell will release her highly anticipated Shanachie Entertainment CD From A Different Place this August. Her long-awaited new single is called “Thank You Jesus (That’s What He’s Done).” –Mark Weber Music Blog