Emoshoon Ophy

Emoshoon Ophy is an eclectic musical duo with an intriguing new song called “Cocoa Be.” Dig the African rhythms! The duo used to live close to one another in Nigeria, but didn’t meet until 2010. Since then, they discovered they make a good musical pairing from their adopted home base of Antwerp, Belgium. I appreciate that “Cocoa Be” does NOT sound like everything else on the radio today. I wish American popular music was willing to get out of the staid box its been in for a long time and allow creative music makers like Emoshoon Ophy to gain a mass following in The States! We need more artists like Emoshoon Ophy. –Mark Weber Music Blog


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Energetic “Hey Hey” dance single from House of Pryme

House of Pryme
House of Pryme

“Hey Hey” is a song that dares you not to dance. It’s high-energy fun, and it’s now available as a digital download release from SFN Records.

The crew behind “Hey Hey” is known as House of Pryme, a house and dance band trio comprised of musicians Rocco DiVinci, Lord Fisher and St John. Featuring vocals by guest singer Rosy Donovan, “Hey Hey” is made for dance clubs around the globe, with its familiar-yet-futuristic feel.

Imagine a disco ball, colorful lights bouncing around, and good looking people with smiles on their faces, as they’re happily dancing, all sweaty and funky– that’s the crowd who’ll jump at the chance to dance to “Hey Hey.”

“Hey Hey” is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and on If you want high-energy music to dance to, you can’t go wrong with House of Pryme. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Home Free does superb cover of All About That Bass

Home Free first came to my attention on the TV show The Sing-Off. They’re an acappella group of five vocalists– Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Chris Rupp, Tim Foust and Adam Rupp. They do something that’s rare in music these days– have fun! Case in point– what a fun cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” (as seen above). Home Free vocal band is touring all over and gaining new fans daily. With their charisma, harmonies, and country-pop style, I recommend Home Free to “y’all.” –Mark Weber Music Blog

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