Help MUR win the ZEDD remix contest

This is MUR’s submission for the Guitar Center Cover Me ZEDD Remix Contest. The remix is by MUR with the video by The Void.

Don’t just watch the video here; please visit the MUR channel:

Get as many people as you can– your family, your friends– to watch and share the channel! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and more using the SHARE link on the channel to promote it. Views of MUR’s video, followers and shares will increase MUR’s contest rank. By the way– in this contest, points are not the only thing that count. Performances will be evaluated by the Guitar Center Judging Panel and ZEDD based on the following criteria: authenticity, technique, style and presence. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Nick and the Machine

Dominic M. Maniaci (a.k.a. Nick) is an electronic dance music maker who functions as “the mind” while his creation, DJ Penny R. Makina, is “the face.” Together, they’re known as Nick and The Machine and they’re a unique team with a cool sound on both remixes and originals. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Introducing Island Apollo

I’m diggin’ the sound of California band Island Apollo. Their name, Island Apollo, comes from the artificial islands off the coast of Long Beach Bay, each of which is named after an Apollo astronaut.

Island Apollo draws on a wide range of influences, citing acts from Arcade Fire, Billy Joel, Foster the People, Michael Jackson, The Killers, The Beach Boys, Weezer, and Queen. You’ll notice Island Apollo is not afraid of harmonies or horns– making for a musically tasty concoction of sound.

“I think if you want to find success as a band, you can blend in with a genre that is on the rise and have a nice record deal, followers, and radio play for a few years. But if you want to have a career, and real fans, you need to create something that is new. The bands I respect the most, and seem to have survived, are those that have created a sound that was different than the bulk of the music being produced at that time,” says Island Apollo lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kilpatrick.

Would I add Island Apollo to my own personal playlist? Yes. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Make way for LaMenga

Mariah, Christina, and P!nk: make way for LaMenga.

LaMenga Kafi has a hot new single out called “Need Love” that’s a tasty combination of disco, funk and dance. If you like Maxine Jones’ voice from En Vogue, as well as other smoky-voiced singers like Donna Summer, LaMenga Kafi is one you need to add to your playlist.

From the Apollo stage in Harlem, to radios and dance floors around the world, LaMenga Kafi is a tour-de-force, singing, writing songs for herself and other artists, producing tracks, and more. And she’s great at what she does– give her song “Need Love” a listen; it’ll get you dancing in your seat. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Salloum, the rapper with a distinct voice

Salloum is a rapper with a distinct voice and a penchant for words. In an era when too many rappers aren’t talking about much, Salloum follows in the footsteps of Bob Marley, Mos Def and Rage Against The Machine with thoughtful, honest lyrics coupled together with intoxicating rhythms and beats. If you like Eminem, I think you’ll like Salloum as well. Give him a listen and check out his website, too. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Plot Twist by LUKA

LUKA is a rapper from Las Vegas with a song called “Plot Twist.” The song starts off so chill– the beat is laid back, moody and almost relaxing… but then LUKA starts rapping with his deep voice and the contrast is noticeable. It’s as if a new age song– sound-wise–combined with a hardcore rap attitude and lyrical rhyme play. Long story short, the song certainly captured my attention as it stands out from the competition. Give it a listen. –Mark Weber Music Blog

DaFear raps about Half of Us

Energetic recording artist DaFear has a creative new hip-hop single called “Half of Us” that’s very well written. These days when most songs are about nothing, “Half of Us” really gets you thinking about which half you’re in– the type that goes to college? The type that goes to jail? The type that has faith? Etc.

DaFear started playing the saxophone in grade school. Then, in high school, he started rapping. Today his music has elements of jazz and hip-hop blended together like Guru and Digable Planets did back in the day.

Learn more about this up-and-coming artist at his website, here. –Mark Weber Music Blog

This is Michael Grimm?

Michael_GrimmI remember seeing Michael Grimm sing on the hit TV show America’s Got Talent. He won that show five years ago. I liked his rootsy, swampy, “aw shucks” country-meets-soul voice on classic songs like “When A Man Loves A Woman,” but his new album, Grimm, has me scratching my head saying, “This is Michael Grimm?”

The new album sounds like been there, done that 1980s pop-rock– not the spine-tingling country-soul I was expecting. If you want my opinion, the songs/style on the new album don’t fit the artist. It’s a total departure from what established him in people’s minds. The new material sounds like a bland Jon Secada crossed with Huey Lewis. Michael Grimm should be one of those artists you hear and instantly know it’s Michael Grimm. Instead, his voice could be any guy in any bar in any town U.S.A.

Michael Grimm is currently in residency at Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas through August, so you can hear his new tunes there, if you’d like, and let me know if I’m way off base or right on with my assessment. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Georgie LeHoop paints with drumsticks

A fan at Georgie's stand at an art fest.
A fan at Georgie’s stand at an art fest.

At the Allentown Art Festival I met a unique artist named Georgie LeHoop. He uses drumsticks to create art! Check it out:

Using drumsticks and drum brushes to paint combines LeHoop’s two passions: music and painting. A world traveler in his 60s, LeHoop has been drumming since his childhood. These days he’ll take drumsticks, dip them in paint, and play a musical pattern on a canvas. He records sound and video when he paints, so he truly is a multi-media artist. Definitely check out his website here. –Mark Weber

Lisa Keith

In the early 1990s I loved an album by Lisa Keith called Walkin’ In The Sun. I would play the hit single, “Better Than You,” on my radio show as often as possible because it was such a feel good song.

Indeed, Lisa Keith’s voice just puts people in a better mood when they hear her sing. She worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on Walkin’ In The Sun, as well as pop hitmaker Narada Michael Walden and her husband, Spencer Bernard. Before P!nk was a white girl who could sing R&B, Lisa Keith was a white girl who could sing R&B…but in the early 1990s it wasn’t her time because she did not become a major music star. However, I am happy to report that Lisa Keith is still a music maker, and I am happy to tell you she and her husband are Christians who take scripture/scriptural ideas and put them to contemporary sounds that aren’t lame.

The one-time back-up singer for Janet Jackson, Alexander O’Neal, Karyn White, New Edition and the S.O.S. Band, Lisa Keith has come into her own with her Gospel recordings. You can get a glimpse here or, better yet, enjoy the video:

Patrick Ballantyne

Patrick_BallantynePatrick Ballantyne’s latest music video, “I Follow You,” captures the intensity of loyalty by chronicling dogs and their owners. The video was shot using iPhones.

Patrick Ballantyne is a singer-songwriter-bass player who has worked with a number of musicians, including Big Sugar, The Trews, and Meredith Shaw. Besides releasing two solo albums, he has taken on the task of releasing a single every month for a year at His recent releases include “The Look of You Gone” and “Stay in Heaven.” If you like pop-folk-rock music, enjoy! –Mark Weber Music Blog

Attic Empire

If Maroon 5 had horns, they’d be Attic Empire. Hear ’em here:

Attic Empire are a dynamic 7-piece space funk musical collective from Los Angeles, California. Fusing ska, indie rock, soul, funk and jazz, the large ensemble packs serious talent with a rhythm and horn section. I think they’re my favorite new band.

Consisting of Tyler Connaghan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick Aguilera (lead guitar), Brandon Shulkin (bass), Robert Conrad (drums), Gabe Joven (trumpet), Raymond Fong (trombone), and Mowi Debretsion (tenor saxophone, keyboards), the band was formed by the members while still in high school for the 2011 Battle of the Bands at House of Blues Hollywood. Within a year of formation, the group quickly gained attention from renowned industry execs including famed producer/engineer Carlos de la Garza (Young the Giant, Tegan and Sara) who worked with the band to record a couple of singles in early 2012.

After touring extensively playing festivals and popular venues throughout California, Attic Empire went back to the studio in 2015 to create a high energy four song EP entitled Astro Getaway. The end result was what they called “space funk”– “funk” because of the rhythm and vibes and “space” because of the atmospheric sound that one wouldn’t hear with most funk bands. Tracks include “Between the Tides” featuring a blazing horn section with layered vocals and the catchy single “Astro Getaway.” The Attic Empire EP concludes with the beautifully poignant ballad “Hands Unto The Sun” which takes listeners on a sonic journey of sound. Put this band on repeat– they’re top-notch. –Mark Weber Music Blog

The Last Train Home

“We are all life; we are all one…” Songwriter Zamp Nicall and The Beatniks of Babylon have a song called “The Last Train Home” which looks at the state of our environment and the health of planet earth. The Beatniks of Babylon are Zamp Nicall – guitar and vocals, Gregg Montante – electric guitar, Ed Willett – cello, Mick Mahan – bass, and Chris Ralles – percussion. I’d call the sound “alt-folk” pop music. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Sarantos releases I Sing

Sarantos has a brand new song called “I Sing” and you can get it for FREE at It’s an upbeat pop song that celebrates the joy of singing.

Sarantos Facebook artist page:
Sarantos Twitter:
Sarantos Youtube:
Sarantos Google+:
Sarantos iTunes:

BogglesWorth boggles the mind with his electronic music

“Scottie’s California Cornflakes” is the newest single from underground electronic music producer BogglesWorth. It reminds me of the time I was caught inside a video game in the 1980s that was a combo of Tron and Back to the Future. Okay, that never really existed (or did it?!) but I can dream, right? The song has “sick drops” and a “hot beat,” so enjoy it–

Utilizing digital/analog synths, BogglesWorth revels in being “bizarre, peculiar, awkward and just a bit weird.” Good– the world needs more people like that! With “Scottie’s California Cornflakes,” BogglesWorth is already accumulating quite a fan base, who comment that the song is “so dope” and “hypnotizing.” He performs around Los Angeles and Southern California, though he likes to maintain an air of mystery so you probably won’t see what he looks like in person– at least not easily.

This summer, BogglesWorth will release his EP entitled NERVE. Its official release is 7/1/15 but pre-order is available starting 6/10/15 via BogglesWorth’s website. Also, keep connected to this up-and-coming producer/music maker via Facebook and Twitter. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Groovy rap from J-Hutch

J-Hutch (born Jason Hutchison) is a Michigan native rapper with groovy rap songs like “Can You” and “2 For 5.” Besides being a music performer, J-Hutch attended school for a degree in Recording Arts, and the production on his tracks is top-notch.

This Friday, May 22nd, J-Hutch releases his fourth studio album, Only The Strong Survive, on iTunes, Amazon and 36 other online stores.

Discover more about J-Hutch at his website here.

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